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My beautiful kitties

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This is Zoe. She's almost a year old. She had a litter of kittens about 31/2 months ago. She's our miss priss. Although the kittens get her to play.

This is Zoe's baby Tic Tac. He's the only orange kitten she had, the rest were black, and since orange is my 2 y/o daughter's favorite color there's no way she would've let him leave.

This is Four, my daughter's Uncle found him wondering around our neighborhood. He was so malnourished, and after nursing him back to health I fell in love with him, and decided to keep him.

This is Princess, another one of Zoe's babies with her adopted brother Four. (Zoe treats him like he's hers) I'm actually supposed to be finding her a new home. But since I found homes for the other 3, I don't think my Step Dad will say much if she doesn't.

I'll try to get a picture of Minnie, she doesn't come out of my parents room much, I think the kittens bug her. Although she used to sleep with them, until one of them tried nursing off of her. Now she feels as though she needs to put them in their place.
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How sweet are they! What pretty faces they all have
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I can see how you fell in love with Four. He is just precious. They are all cute as can be, but I have such a big soft spot for orange kitties.
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Thanks everybody I love my babies. I took a picture last night of them all sleeping together, I'll put it up later. Four is a real sweet heart, he's very affectionate likes he's showing his appreciation for me helping him, when he needed help the most. I don't understand how I got to him first with all the other cat lovers on our street. He must've been hiding out somewhere.
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I still haven't been able to get a picture of Minnie, but I took some other cute pictures.

This is all the kitties sleeping together except Minnie.

And this one was just taken with Tic Tac sleeping in the back pack...LoL
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Awww look at that bundle of sleeping beauties
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awww so sweet

fantastic photos
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I finally got a picture of Minnie. She's Zoe's sister, we rescued both Zoe and Minnie from a kill shelter when they were kittens.

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wow she looks just like my daughers cat!
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What a beautiful family you have! I love the pic of the four of them sleeping together.
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