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How can you tell...

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If the kitten will get long hair? I am noticing that one of my kittens has a LOT longer hair (much silkier, with cowlicks too) than the others, and one has a lot shorter hair, too. At what age will they begin to look long-haired or short-haired?
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I could tell at 3 weeks.. the hair will be reallly long, sorta sticking on end.. real fuzzball, run your fingers through it.. Some kittens are just really fuzzy.. we thought my Poptart was going to be longhaired, because he was so fuzzy when we got him (4 weeks old) but the fuzz died down until he was short haired.but when they are 8 weeks, it will be obvious whether they are long haired or not.
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I have no real clue. I've had mainly shorthairs but one of the barn cats wound up being more fluffy and semi-longhair. Most times if they are semi long hair or long hair they will have much longer fur as kittens compared to a shorthair.

I would imagine by the time they are 3-4 months old, you'd know if they were gonna be more long hair.
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The one with the long hair doesn't have fluffy hair. Will this be like an Angora cat's coat?

I know there is no way to tell for sure until they grow up, but I figure someone out there might have enough experience to tell me. This one's fur is so silky smooth, fine textured, with little to no undercoat (I can see his grey skin much more easily than the other kittens because he doesn't have the fluff to cover it up). He has a lot of cowlicks, too... it's awfully cute!
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I can usually tell buy 2-3 weeks old if a kitten is going to have long hair or short. Some of the more medium length coats don't become obvious until closer to 5-8 weeks. The ones that are usually easiest to pick out as long hair will have a sibling with shorter hair to compare to. If one kitten at 2-3 weeks old looks fluffier or like the hair length is a tad longer than that of his sibling, he will probably have longer hair. Of course as they age, it becomes most obvious.
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Usually if they look like the fur is longer than the siblings, they will turn out long haired. But my last litter had one that looked longer at 3-4 weeks, like it would be a medium long hair, then a different kitten ended up being the medium long hair! It was really odd!
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Oh, I hate how unpredictable this all is.

Four of them have medium fluffy, normal kitten hair. One has very dense short hair, and the other has thin longer silky hair. I hate waiting!!!!!
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I think it was like 5-6 weeks before I realized that two of the five had long hair. I think I just paid more attention to the kitten with the weird fur. I still have no way to describe that ones fur, it was short, but it was almost curly. Very strange. I knew that the two girls were short hair from about 2 weeks, but the boys didn't get their long fur until later.
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