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Kitten...Male or Female??

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I am thinking about getting another kitten. I already have a one year old male cat who is VERY easy going and gets along with all of the neighborhood cats. I'm not worried about him getting along with the kitten, but I was just wondering if I should get a male or a female kitten? Or does it matter?

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Makes no difference as long as everyone is spayed or neutered! All cats are individuals. I have heard from peope and it seems the majority recommend 2 males over 2 females. But most any cat can get along as well as they are introduced the correct way and given time.
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OK...That's another question. What is the correct way to introduce them?
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Personally I have found females prefer to be on their own, unless it is started from kitten age. Introduction would be according to your guy. There might be jealousy at first if there is a lot of cuddling with the kitten, but it really depends on the age of the kitten. Often 3 month old males just want to play with another cat, so just watch for aggression. The first couple of nights keep in seperate rooms, it is always best to let them see and smell each other first.Give your guy plenty of attention through the intro as well!! You should know when your guy is ok with the kitten, but let him be ok with it or you could end up with pee in your shoe!Possibly some other " I am mad mom/dad!" situation............... Goodluck!
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