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Kitten who only wants to be held? and constipation question.

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I am currently fostering 3 kittens all of about the same age, which I guess is about 6 weeks. Two which are mostly black with a little white are siblings and one which is a grey tabby is from another litter. Whenever I go in the bedroom I keep them in or let them out, when they aren't escaping, the two siblings tend to play and chase eachother and wrestle. The grey tabby just follows me around until I sit down and then he curls up on my chest or on my shoulder purring loudly. I don't mind holding him, but I never see him play with the other two. The three could very well be playing when I am not in the room or they are not out, but I have no way to be sure. I am not really concerned but at the same time it is weird to have a kitten who never plays. Has anyone else had this before?

Oh and one of the black and white is a little constipated. I happened to be in the room when he strained to go and the poop got stuck halfway. I removed what I could and then tried running his backside under warm water since half of it was stuck. After a few minutes I ended up putting him in the carrier and driving to the emergency vet. Of course when I got there I checked him before going in and he had passed it. It was pretty dry and hard. I was surpised about this since when I got them they were all getting over URIs and diarrhea. I have seen him go without problem since the incident but I will find occasionally a piece on the carpet in the bedroom. I have a tube of benebac which came in the package for a kmr bottle which I had to pick up recently. Should I give him some of that or is it mainly for diarrhea? For food I leave down Hills Science Diet kitten dry food and for wet I use Pro-plan kitten food and sophisticat supreme kitten food which I feed them about 3-4 times a day. I know the wet food is mostly water but out of habit I tend to mix in some water just to make sure they are getting enough fluids. Any suggestions?
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Hmmm... I'm not sure, but I think a drop or two of mineral oil might help move things along, as would a dab of Nutri-Cal mixed in their food.

That one kitten just sounds like a very needy and sweet cat... I have one of those. You might want to keep him longer than the others so he has more "emotional" instruction from mom.

Post pics, please!!!
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Just re-read your post... I am guessing that momma isn't around. I am not sure what you should do then... hopefully some of the experienced fosterers will come on shortly.
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Keep a close eye on that kitten. I also had one constipated like that. At the first sign that he is lethargic take him to the vet. We ending up having to give her hydrocortisone enemas twice a day for a month. But she's doing great now and is the sweetest thing. She also love water, guess from us bathing her so much as a kitten. Hope it works out.
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Here are some pics

this is the little kitten who only wants to be held.

My cat rogue growling at the kitten who is ignoring her.

same black and white as the first pic. I couldn't get a good shot of his brother. They look almost identical except the other one has a little more white on his nose.
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Awww... the needy one is sooo sweet-looking!

I would suggest calling your vet to see if there is anything you can add to the food to prevent constipation. Is everyone okay now?
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Still constipated as he had a difficult time passing a poop this morning. I am going to call the rescue today and see if they have anything.
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I think it is an excellent idea to call them and do something for the little, but it looks like he just really wants you to mamma him. I think he has gotten the impression that you are mommy and he wants to stay close to you and cuddle with you, which is so so sweet I also think that the fact that he plays the "outsider" with the other kits could be that they are siblings and were born together? It is just a guess but I would just keep loving on the sweet thing and mothering him and just encouraging good play between the three of them.
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Hmm... I'd encourage that kitten to play with you, if he won't play with his siblings. Physical activity building strong kittens, and all that. I doubt you need much encouragement to play with a kitten, anyhow!
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