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blood in stool? :(

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Okay, I'm probably just being way over-protective and freaking out over nothing, but just now my 13 week old kitten, Annabel, had some blood in her stool.

She did have a fecal exam this morning at the vet and hasn't defecated until now, and the veterinarian did seem to stick it up there pretty far and twisted it like 3 times.

So I'm assuming that is what caused it. Is it normal/okay for them to have blood in their stool after that? I just want to know in case I should do something about it quickly.

And advice?
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The first thing I would do is telephone the vet and find out if this could have been caused by the examination.
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Yup! I would do that too...if not, most likely the vet will ask for a sample and will check it for parasites.
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If it's just a little amount of blood, often times stress can cause it. How did she handle being at the vets?
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Blood in the stool is always something to be concerned about -- don't apologize; you're doing the right thing. But just the timing of it does suggest it was caused by the exam.
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