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An old new friend has passed on

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Biggun wasn't my dog, he was a big old red mutt with graying hair that was sitting on the deck the day that I came to see the house. He was sort of like a neighborhood fixture. Biggun belonged to the son of a couple that lived a ways up the road from here. The son however, got married and moved out, and left old Biggun behind. The boys parents made sure that Biggun had food, water and shelter, but really didn't have very much time for him.

I started a couple of years ago giving old Biggun a treat every now and then, and he would follow my on my walks through the park, long before it was finished and dedicated. Biggun would come alive on those walks, diving into the creek and acting silly. He seemed to really enjoy getting me to laugh at him. Even though he was old and graying, he would chase squirrels, play in the water, and check out every nook, cranny and hole that he could find.

Thursdays walk was very quiet though, and when we got back to the house and he had his treats, he just wanted to sit on the steps of the deck with his head on my lap for awhile. Then he ambled on home, and I went in to see to the cats.

My neigbhbor (a cousin of theirs) told me today that Biggun passed away in his sleep sometime Thursday night. I guess that our quiet time was his way of saying goodbye.

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Oh how sad! Rest peacefully Biggun! You were a wonderful companion.
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RIP Biggun. You deserved better than to have your owner just move off and leave you behind. Thank God you found a friend in Skippymjp in you last years, and that you were able to share one last walk with her. Bless your heart.
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I'm so sorry for you loss.

Rest in peace and play at the Bridge Biggun.
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Fancy leaving a gorgeous dog like that behind

At least you gave Biggun the love and attention he needed

Run and play happily over at Rainbow Bridge Biggun, but no chasing the kitties up trees mind!
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I too am sorry to hear of your loss. Thank God Biggun had you in his life! You'll always have your memories to treasure.
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I'm so glad he found a friend in you, someone who loved him. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. thanks for being there for him, I am sure he loved you the same. you'll see each other again someday.

R.I.P. sweet Biggun..
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Condolences, Mike, on the loss of Biggun. How nice that you were able to fill a need in his life. Rest in peace, Biggun!
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i never understood peoples ability to just go off and leave a pet.
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RIP Biggun, glad you two found each other! Animals know who the good people are...
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