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Thursday DT

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Got a few minutes, before I go to work. Mom came through her surgery OK. She was still in recovery, when I had to leave. They're keeping her overnight, just to be safe. I told my dad to call me at work and keep me posted. Its 105, headed for 108. We have set a record for most consecutive days, without rain and consecutive days 105+. Its, almost the weekend!!!
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Cindy, I'm so glad your Mom's surgery went well. Your family will be in my thoughts for a speedy recovery.

It is hot here, too. Not near as hot as AZ, but mid-90s for the whole week in Colorado is HOT! My company's annual Golf Tournament is tomorrow afternoon. I'm not playing, but hubby is. He's really excited since he hasn't played since high school. Then we are having a HUGE catered BBQ meal at the President's house after the golf. It should be pretty fun. I'm a designated picture taker, so I get to tool around the whole course in a cart.

I can't wait for this week to be over. I have just been in a foul, snappy mood all week. Everyone else has been too. I think it's the heat.
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Well, the weather is making the news today-when we're not busy discussing the Pledge of Allegiance! Western PA is getting a break from the 90 degree weather we've been having, but the break consists of severe thunderstorms with flash floods. Fortunately, our house is near the highest altitude in our county. I have been letting the poor dog in and out so much today he thinks he's a yoyo!

Cindy, I'm grateful your Mom came through the surgery with flying colors. I hope the fire in Arizona soon comes under control.
Heidi, how about the fires in Colorado? Can you still see and smell the smoke?
Have a great evening, everyone!
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I heard on the news that they expect to have the Hayman Fire fully contained tomorrow. Very good news. We don't have the smoke like we did when it was really raging (we don't have orange sunlight), but I'm sure some is still in the air. They said that we are even getting some smoke from the AZ and NM fires, but that it is pretty far aloft.
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Well I took my car into the garage this morning and within an hour the guy called me back. It was going to cost AT LEAST 1500 dollars to fix the car but I figure it was going to come to over 2 grand when they were done.

I told my dad and he told me to forget about it. The car is being taken to the junkyard in the next couple days. **sighs** I really love that car(How silly does that sound?) and I'm going to miss it. I took it for it's last ride on my way home although I didn't get to enjoy it since I was paranoid about the cat stalling.

On the brighter side I'm going to look for a new car this weekend. I have a lot of research to do. I'm looking for a small car possibly a Toyota. Any tips on what to expect or what to look for?

Cindy I am so glad to hear that your mom's surgery went well. I hope her recovery is fast and easy for her.

I hope everyone stays cool and has a wonderful evening.
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Work is just about over for me then I'm headed home for a 3-day weekend. I can't wait! I've needed a break for awhile from the place. Cindy-I'm glad the surgery went well. It has been cooling down here a bit-only in the lower 80's for a few days, instead of the mid 90's. Have a good one everybody! :flower:
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Jessica- just wanted to let you know I have a Toyota Corolla and I absolutely LOVE it. IMO, Toyotas are very well made, and reliable cars. Good luck with your car hunting, thats always fun

Thank goodness the weather here In Nova Scotia has been nice, but not as insanely hot as what some of your poor people are experiencing! I love living so close to the ocean, we always have a bit of a breeze even on the hottest days.

I've been a redecorating maniac this last week. I've totally redone both my kitchen and bathroom and I'm glad that today I finally got to put away the paint roller. The worst part is, I rent this place and will be moving soon. I had to fix those rooms up because my kitty Loco took a liking to sharpening his claws on the wallpaper, so i felt obligated to fix it. On the up side, the house I'm moving to is huge and all the rooms are painted white- its just like a blank canvas!

Happy rest of the day, all :rainbow:
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I really love that car(How silly does that sound?)
That doesn't sound silly at all. I had a Cookie Monster blue Geo Metro when I started grad school, and I loved that car to death. Surprisingly, it lasted me over six years, and it was used to begin with. The Ford Tempo I have now doesn't live up to it. I'm also shopping for a new car, and I'm leaning to the VW Beetles. Yeah, they're popular and all that, but they got a great rating on the Insurance Institute crash tests (as seen on Dateline-the driver's compartment deformed less than an inch on a offset crash).

The weather is finally cooling down a little here. I've turned off the AC, because I was getting tired of the stale smell in here. Right now, Ivo is lying on the rug by the fan, totally sacked out. She'd better enjoy it, it's going to be in the 90's again next week. Oh, well. At least I can afford my electric bill now.

I hope everyone has a good evening.
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Jessica - try to avoid Ford Focus (alot of probs and recalls) and Neons (bad in crash test). If I were to get a car I would personnally go for a Saturn as everyone I know who has it loves it. I have heard good and bad about the Corolla, but good stuff about the Camry if you like Toyota.
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