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Update on Angel?

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Just wondering if there was any update on Angel,, aka Junior67's kitty?
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Hi Liza. Nothing going on with Angel. still no heat or kittens. so I KNOW she is not preg. but not sure why she isn't in heat. I keep thinking maybe she is starting to go into heat by how she acts one night but by the next morning she is fine and acting normal. so not sure if maybe for some reason after over a year of LOUD noisy, spraying, crouching etc. heats she has gone into silent heats with NO signs. I mean she hasn't been doing the walking in place thing, butt in air, rolling on the floor, loving everything in site, meowing/howling, spraying etc........ at ALL.............
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Aw... that's too bad. I wanted her to have kittens! Did you take her to the vet? Maybe she has some sort of uterine infection or other medical problem that would make her heat cycles stop.
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I haven't taken her yet. was waiting to see if she had kittens or not and right now $ is tight so trying to work some extra so I can take her......... she is acting normal, eating, going to the bathroom, playing etc.........
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how is she today? have you taken her in yet ( to see the vet) ?
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haven't taken her in. she is fine and acting 100% normal. playing with the other cats, not sleeping a ton like she was, scratching my kids again (UGH the ONE thing I didn't want to return!) when she has had enough of them (the time we thought she was pg. she would just let them keep loving her or walk away). eating, drinking, peeing and pooping.........

it is so very strange. LOL

I work from home and hours have been hard to come by (I pick my own) so $ has been tight lately. I do have savings but trying NOT to dig into that unless I need to. So where she is acting normal I will wait till work picks up again and i have the extra cash. I do have to get her in for a spay soon but hoping I can hold off and not use my savings, depends on when work picks back up.
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