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I got a kitten!!

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We adopted a kitten today. I was looking at the Animal Control website and I got totally attached to a kitten named Pouncer. I could tell right away that she was the cat for us!! We weren't going to get one for a while, but when I got attached, my husband decided we needed to go get her before someone else did. He knew I'd be crushed if someone else adopted her.

We also have Cooper, our 9 year old furbaby. He's been the only cat around here so we were worried about how he'd react. We brought Pouncer home and Cooper sniffed the carrier before we got her upstairs. He didn't seem to care at all! We took her up to our bedroom (where she'll be staying for a little while) and Cooper sat outside our bedroom door just looking. Pouncer came to the door and stuck her paw under it. Cooper just looked at her. I brought the towel she'd been laying on to Cooper and he sniffed it. No reaction. So, we decided to let him see her. We carefully took him in the room (sitting right next to him, with blankets ready). He saw the kitten and just sat there for a minute, then he hissed at her. But he didn't try to go after her. We told him it was OK and then slowly picked him up and carried him out of the room. Not a bad reaction, if you ask me! We'll give him a day or two to see that it's ok that she's here. And we still love him and give him attention. Then we'll try it again. Nice and easy!

Anyway, here's some pics of our kitties!


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Oh, they are so cute! Congrats on the new addition!
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Oh shes very cute But COOPER oh my godness he's a big beautiful man (I assume) What a handsome doll baby he is,, How does Cooper ( What a great name) fits him to a tee, how does he like the new little one
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He looks like "You finally brought me a chick? What took you so long?"

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Congratulations on Pouncer Cooper is really, really handsome - such an unusual peach? color. And it sounds like things are going to be just fine - the customary hiss that any self-respecting cat gives only means that pouncer will have no doubt that big brother Cooper deserves repect And to your husband, for caring about your desire for Pounce, and taking you down to get her right away - with that gorgeous coat, she would surely be in great demand
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Such cutie pies, both of them! I am a litttle partial to Cooper because he looks like my dear Fred when he was in his prime.
It was so sweet of your husband to go right away to make sure you got little Pouncer. Best wishes for blending you little family smoothly. It sounds like so far, so good. Please keep us posted on how it goes, and keep the pics coming.
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they are adorable! congrats on your new addition!
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Congrats...they are both precious...and I am sure they have a great home!!
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Pouncer is just precious! I'm sure Cooper will be a wonderful big brother!
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Awwww she's gorgeous!!. And the introductions look like their going well also
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Oh give him time, he'll accept the new one.........My Tiggy hissed and hissed for two days straight when Jerry brought Bailey home, but now they're the best of buds........... Both of yours are adorable!!
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Oh give him time, he'll accept the new one.........My Tiggy hissed and hissed for two days straight when Jerry brought Bailey home, but now they're the best of buds........... Both of yours are adorable!!
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So far, things are going great between Cooper and Pouncer! We brought Pouncer out and held her and she and Cooper got nose to nose with no growling, hissing, or anything. We're thinking we may try to let them get together tomorrow night, after a few more quick visits like that tonight and tomorrow. I don't want to rush things, but I also can't wait to let Pouncer play in the rest of the house. She keeps pouncing on me all night while I'm trying to sleep!

Pouncer has really taken to us. She's playing and cuddling with us. She's been eating and using the litterbox and the scratching post. And she finally started running to us when we come in the room. I think she knows she has a good home here!

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That's great - how exciting to adopt a new cutie and Cooper is such a gorgeous big boy. I bet once they get to know each other it will so much fun watching Cooper and the kitten together. Congrats!
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Congrats on adopting Pouncer! She's adorable. Two kitties adopted in one day (I adopted my Clover yesterday)! :
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They are both gorgeous.
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Cooper is a very, very handsome boy and Pouncer is a little doll! Congrats on your new baby!!
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