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ok, icis seems to be a good mom very attentive, but restless,lol. she wants out of the babyroom,lol. She still hasent cleaned herself up , i took a wet washcloth and tried to help her out. My question is, icis refeuses to get in a box with the kittens, but they wont stay still on the barthoom floor, they sneak out of the bthroom under the door!! How can i corrall them without putting them inside something? they seem to be all tarain kittens, climbing over everything,lol.
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It isn't safe for the babies to be scooting away from her. Please put them in a box or laundry basket. Icis should jump in with the kittens if they cry. As a new Mom, you want to watch that she is nursing them all.

Are they quiet? Do their bellies look round?
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they sleep alot, she will move away to the cool tiles when they fall asleep. they have big round bellies, and whenever i check on here ( every 1/2 hour or so) i put the kids to her belly to make sure their getting what they need. she is still tired. she doesnt let them scoot to far tho, she always has a eye on them, brings them back if they get to far. i have double washed the bathroom floor after the birth, and change the blankets 2x a day to make sure there all clean too.
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