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Neutering question

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Ok, so my kitten (Tigger) just went back to the vet today to get his boosters (in case you missed it, he had a bad reaction to his last boosters--had to take him to the e-vet). Anyways, they gave him some injectable benadryl along w/ the vaccs to prevent another reaction, but they had me schedule the neuter 3 weeks from now. Now he is almost 3 months old (we think) and is about 3.5 lbs. Do you think that is too early to be neutered? I went ahead and scheduled it, but I'm unsure...
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Nope, he's heavy enough and old enough. Cats can be spayed and neutered as early as 6 weeks of age. Neuters are really simple and take like 5 minutes. I would request a pre-operative blood screen though, to make sure he doesn't react to the anesthesia.
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I agree, it's not too early, IMO it's never too early if the vet knows how to do pediatric spays and is willing. Many cats in shelters are fixed a little after a month old with no ill effects. If anything, they're better off because they heal faster. The only problem with pediatric fixing is that more vets don't know how / aren't willing to do one, but yours obviously is.

Also, a neuter is a minor surgery. Honestly, all they do is make a little snip, remove the testicles, and let it heal. The vet who did Zissou's spay doesn't even use stitches on neuters because the cut is so small.

Good luck Tigger!
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My kitten was recently neutered at about 10 weeks of age and he did great! I took him in early in the morning, picked him up late evening and watched him that night. At the end of day 2 he was back to his frisky self :-)
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I beleive it is the perfect time ... If memorey serves me it is two months and or two lbs for pediatric spay or neuter ... They dont teach animal care in a Nutrition curriculm>??? I am only asking it just seems weird that you wouldnt have more up to date info...
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Sharky-- No, they do not teach that in a nutrition curriculum (it is based around chemistry, animal reproductive physiology, diseases, etc; not medical procedures) Although I am well aware of the neutering process, I was just worried about his weight vs aneth. reaction

That makes me feel a lot better though I am def. going to get pre-op bloodwork and an ECG just to make sure all is well!
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