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What's the best kitty litter?

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I just read that clumping clay litter could be a hazard to the cat's health. If so, then what's the best litter to get for my kittens?
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I find that the choice of kitty litter (clay vs. clumping) often ends up being a matter of individual preference - both for the owner and for the cat.

For instance, my own cat isn't able to use the clumping due to health issues that cause her to sometimes flood the litter box with urine. (She was recently diagnosed with feline diabetes) What happened when I tried to use the clumping litter was that she would walk in the wet litter before I could scoop it out and replace it. It would stick to her feet, making these awful little concrete booties! In an attempt to get it off, she would lick it and ingest it. This resulted in a blockage in her intestines and needless to say, several hundred dollars later, I do not use clumping litter.

However, other people I know use clumping litter quite successfully, and have had no problems with it at all.

So, as I said, I think it is really just a matter of what you and your cat prefer.

Best of luck,

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I presently use a non-scented, non-clumping litter. Strong odors trigger my migraines. Ivo hasn't seemed to notice either way. I clean out her poop everytime she poops, and change the litter and liner every week. I also have a covered litter box with an "air filter", but it really does seem to help cut down on the smell. The only drawback is the litter is really dusty-I have to dust more often (twice a year instead of once).
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I used to use non scented scoopable litter, now I use non scented clumping litter. I like both. I hated the kind that didn't clump at all, I stopped using those a long time ago. I find that scoopable and clumping make it so much easier to clean the litter.
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I use scented clumping litter that I buy @ Sam's. I scoop it every morning before work... I wish they would crap outside but I don't want them out there running around the neighborhood.
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I use unscent clumping cat litter. With 4 cats I wont use anything but clumping as it saves time and is easier to clean! My cats don't seem to care what kind of litter we use.... as long as they have a place to go thats enough for them!

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Does anyone have a suggestion to a good non-scented clumping brand of kitty litter that can be easily found in a petstore like Petsmart? I had just switched over to the Arm&Hammer non-scented clumping litter and they pretty much stopped selling it. And I can't find it anywhere anymore. When I talked to one of the Petsmart people, he said that they weren't going to carry it anymore - people didn't buy it nearly as much as they bought the scented kind. I was using Fresh Step (clumping, non-scented), but it's so darn dusty. So I just switched again to Tidy Cat, which seems a bit less dusty, but is still scented. I think the scent is less than Fresh Step, but I'd still rather a non-scented litter for my little guy. Any suggestions?
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I have been using Ever Clean for a few months now. It clumps wonderfully, and there it comes unscented. It's available at PetSmart and Petco.

I highly recommend it!
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I like Exquisicat. I think it is the Petsmart store brand. I like the scented, but it also comes in unscented. It is reasonably priced and clumps pretty hard. My cats aren't real picky, as long as it gets scooped. Fred will leave me a present in the shower if I don't scoop often enough for him.
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Litter is very messy! I just use my grocery store's brand of unscented, clumping cat litter and I find it's just as good as the more expensive "brand" names.I sift the litter everyday and once a week I change the litter completely and I find using the grocery store's brand is way more cost effective.

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I, personally, am a fan of Maxx Cat's multicat clumping litter. I've tried every other kind, but I live in a fairly small house and don't want smells from the litterbox permeating every room. The Maxx Cat works very well for odor control , and having 5 kitties using the box, I'm thankful for that
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It is made from corn.All the litters out in the market have Benzonite with is very bad for your cat.There is another I use for my cats and its called Sweat..Made from Wheat.http://www.worldsbestcatlitter.com
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I've actually tried World's Best Cat Litter. I really liked it but it's very expensive and with 3 cats and two large litter boxes I really can't afford it. Why is it that the stuff that we would really benefit from using costs an arm and a leg
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"Does anyone have a suggestion to a good non-scented clumping brand of kitty litter that can be easily found in a petstore like Petsmart?"

There is a clumping non-scented brand called Premium Choice Xtra available in the chain stores for about $15 for 50 lbs. I just bought two 50 lbs bags for $10 (on sale at a smaller chain). Isn't that a bargain??

Just Call Me Cheap

PS The " Xtra" is for tracking control. They also have the regular not-Xtra. My kitty has been using it for nearly a decade and has never messed.
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I just started using Odor Lockers scoopable. It is made from wood rather than clay. It clumps great, really does keep the smell down, and there is very little dust. I have 6 cats and so far I have this litter in only 1 (of the 8) litter boxes. The cats are all sharing this one box and pretty much ignore all of the other boxes, so they must like it a lot! I get it at Kroger grocery store. It is a little expensive, but even with 6 cats using the one box it lasts for a long time. Once I use up all of the Tidy Cat I have in the other boxes, I will use Odor Lockers in all of the boxes.
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