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Breeding Troubles

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Hi everyone! I recently purchased a black and white van female persian for breeding.....I wanted another female for my program. She is now ready to breed. I took her to my friends house, she has a gorgeous male that I wanted to breed my female too. My female however, lays down whenever the male decides he wants to get the job done. She will lay on her side and just hug him. She stands up until he goes to mount her. She is a virgin queen about 13 months old. It just baffles me to know that she is doing this. I have never heard of it before. All of my other females are proven and they never did that.

One of my proven queens went into heat as well, we put her in with the same male as my virgin queen thinking she may teach Smudgi something.

I am wondering if any of you breeders have heard of this happening and what to do about it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Here is her picture
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I had that problem with one of our "new" queens once. I ended up holding her upright in place until the male could get a grip on her neck. After that she figured out what she was supposed to do.
This plan may not work for you unless the male is bold enough not to care that you're assisting him.
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My friend said she tried that with him and it didn't work. She owns him but he still didn't want her doing that. They don't realize we are trying to help them out.

She is 13 months old, she may still be a bit immature for breeding.....I am not sure.
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Let it take time. I have a queen who gets herself in the strangest positions when males try to mate her. It took three different males and... one year 'til she got pregnant.
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