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Poorly Kitty (Please help!)

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A friend of mine has a 10 year old female cat. recently shes lost a lot of weight (now weighs 2.3kg), her mouth is grey, shes drooling, has a discharge from her eyes and nose, is not eating, drinking or toileting. She took her to the vet today, and hes doing a blood test tomorrow. We dont hold out much hope. Has anyone experienced this before, and know what it may be? As far as I know this cat has never had any injections.

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How sad. The only one that can help kitty is the vet who is trying. Will keep good thoughts for a kitty who has never had any vaccines in her lifetime.
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I know the vaccine thing is not good. My 9 week old ginger male is having his 1st set next week. I just have a feeling this cat has something really wrong with her, and Im going to be there for my friend if the worst happens.
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That is the only thing you can do. The grey mouth concerns me because it means the blood is not getting full circulation. This could mean a lot of things, but I would suspect that something internally is shutting down. I am sorry, but that is my assesment from what you have shared. Hugs to your friend from someone who has been there.
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Just an update. Tabitha died today, she had kidney failure. She was put to rest about an hour ago

My friend is very sad.
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I am sorry, I know how your friend feels. There is a forum called Crossing the Bridge here and one thread at the top has links to help in times like this. Maybe if you visit there you can get some idea of how to help your friend deal with this immense grief. I am sorry that the cat is gone, but at least now, so is the cat's pain. All that is left now is for you to deal with your friend's pain.
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