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I guess she's doing it b/c she's been sick. (She's got fatty liver). She never had this problem before. I am trying hard not to lose faith. She's suffering really badly. I am starting to wonder if I should have put her to sleep.

I hope when your kitty comes home Saturday that things work out ok! Does he have fatty liver too?
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Please keep the faith... I understand it's hard work.. and I probably will understand better once tanny comes home.
It started about 2 months ago, i came home to find tanny (2 year old kitty) screaming in pain, brought him in emergency vet and he was blocked. He stayed in the hospital for 1 week, where he blocked up again twice, so they opted for the surgery. he came home 1 week later, then 2 days later, he has a nasty infection, brought him back in emergency... they started me giving him sub q, and two shots a day of antiobiotics. then home again... on july 6th?? 7th?? we brought him back, he had stopped eating period and peeing all over the place. That is when they diagnosed the fatty liver disease... (yep the yellowing of the ears... i didn't even notice it), then he blocked up AGAIN (due to all the infection). SO, they gave him another surgery to re-open urethra, and all the while, eating through a tube. I REALLY wanted to put him down, the money wasn't the problem (we are on a payment plan for the rest of our lives : ) it was the stress for him and I, plus the other 2 kittys that we live it. Had conference with all vets involved and they all beggd me to keep him alive and have faith, as they do... two weeks later, he is peeing very well (still a cathether though), and has ate two days in a row now. he is coming home on saturday.
feel free to email me anytime. seems we are both on the same page. if you
want you can private email me and i'll give you my email at work (much easier for me to get into).
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Did the vet give you any anti-nausea medication to give Isis BEFORE you feed her? Please get some if you don't already have it. I was using METOCLOPRAMIDE for Neigi. As for the peeing...I don't have any good answers for you. Neigi didn't do that. I agree with keeping her in the bathroom for now.
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Hopefully this pic shows up...trying this for the first time. This is Neigi.

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Thanks, Tangerine. Your advice as been very helpful. Now that I read your post, I remember reading it somewhere in the beginning when this thread first started. I hope your cat gets well soon. Looks like you have more on your plate than even I do. I think I am going to talk to my vet about a payment plan as well.

Neigi is adorable. I'm glad to see he's doing a little better. I am going back to the vet today. They're giving me anti-vomiting medicine and hopefully they can do something about the tube getting clogged EVERY TIME I FEED HER. I tried the coke. It's not working. The tube is soooooo small. I religiously rinse it out with water after every feeding. Nothing is working. It doesn't get clogged afterwards, it's getting clogged during. I'll get just a little bit in her and then it clogs. I have been fighting with her for over an hour this morning and I can't seem to get any down at all now.
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What kind of tube is it. Tangerine has a tube inserted in his esophgus that stays in all the time. I watched the feeding yesterday, but will ask about cleaning it tonight when I learn how to make his food.
He comes home tomorrow... so I am to be needing you guys... very very nervous!!!
I did pick up phermones.. and it worked on tangerines sister...
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I'm starting to wonder if Isis's tube (the end in her esophegous) is in the right place. Perhaps it is too close to the wall of the esophegous and the exit path is a little too small for the food to clear the tube easily.....just a thought in my over-active brain.....

Glad to hear Tangerine is finally coming home. I know it's nerve racking tube feeding for the first time. Just be calm and patient...
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Well it's Saturday. How is Tangerine doing? Still nervous?
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Thanks for asking. It is nerve racking... but not that bad. we fed great 3 times on saturday and twice yesterday until the evening... my fiance fed him and i think he went too fast and tan threw up... i felt so bad... but i laid down with him and got up extra early today and we had a nice feeding... he even went after wet and dry food... just a little though.
he pees anywhere he feels like it, but i think cause his sisters are just being awful to him.
How's everything coming along with you guys?
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Any update on your guys kitties??
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