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Fatty Liver Syndrome Question

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Hello everyone. I was searching google on "fatty liver syndrome" and I came across your informative forums. Nice place!

Anyhew... I have a beautiful long haired female cat named Isis. She is almost 3 years old. Just a few days ago she was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Syndrome (Hepatic Lipidosis). She was never over weight so I'm a little puzzled on how she got caught up in this. I have 2 other cats in the house, so to be honest with you all, I didn't realize she wasn't eating until I noticed she was beginning to get quite skinny. When I took her to the vet, he immediately pointed out the yellow eyes and ears. I had never noticed before. He simply gave me a few syrenges and some cans of Science Diet A/D, told me to mix it with water and give her about 1/2 a can a day. I've read several other threads about other forum members who's cat has had the same diagnosis. Why does it seem like everyone elses vet did a little bit more? And does anyone know if my sweet Isis will heal simply by old-fashioned force feeding? I have her separated from my other 2 cats so I can monitor her habits. She's thrown up a few times but nothing outrageous. However, I don't think she's used the litter box in days! (No pee or poop).

My regular vet is on vacation for a few weeks, so I had no choice but to seek another doctor. A few friends recommended him to me. They said he won't make me pay for something that I don't need. I'm hoping that is the reason the vet didn't sock it to me with meds and such. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Tracy & Isis
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Well I am not well versed in liver issues ... but I do think the force feeding is going in the right direction... Did you get blood work done???
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I had a friend "Twinkee" that I obtained from our local Humane Society. Twinkee had been injured and had 1 eye removed and the 1 remaining eye had limited eyesight. She also had neurological problems. However....she was an awesome cat!

She as well started to lose weight and we tried everything. Nothing worked. We were finally down to having a feeding tube inserted. While I was trying to decide...my decision was already being made. Twinkee had a severe seizure and I knew I could not put her through that again.

So..the vet and I helped her pass. I believe the only answer to this disease is a feeding tube which is quite radical. I have heard success and failures with the feeding tubes.

I would do research on the internet as there is a lot and you are going to have to make a decision. It's not going to be easy! I would also get ahold of another vet. I believe more progressive decisions are going to have to be made right away. You and your pet will be in my prayers.

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I have a cat with a feeding tube. This all started earlier in the week when he vomited. 2 days later we were at the local emergency vet then moved him to the university ER that night. Their top three guesses were "fatty liver", hepatitis, or cancer. No way to know for certain without an ultrsound and bloodwork. Did your vet do any bloodwork, xrays...? Turns out he has hepatitis (short version of the story) He is currently on anti-vomiting med, antibiotics and the feeding tube. I suppose it's possible "fatty liver" is right and the force feeding will help, but quite possibly there is something else going on. Is there another vet you could try? I would still be worried...and I think you are too (otherwise you wouldn't be here asking questions...)
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She has already seen 2 vets. Both said the same thing. They did blood work to test the levels in her liver. Everything was high. They also tested her for Lukemia and the cats version of HIV. She is too young to have cancer or tumors (said both vets) so they didn't want to test her for it and cause her more stress. They both said it's Fatty Liver. My vet said I need to give her about 1/2 a can of Science Diet A/D everyday. However it's going on 3 days now and I haven't even given her a full can yet. I tried giving her more but when I did, she threw it up immediately. Another big concern of mine is that she has not used the bathroom in days. I'm taking her back to the vet tomorrow.
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Yes, thanks. I did see those articles, as well as a million others that are out there on the net. I was hoping I could just talk to another forum member who had experienced it and could maybe tell me the different kinds of medicines and treatments they went through. But all in all, I'm still going to have to take her to the vet again. (And she hates that )
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Originally Posted by DaMaz3s
Yes, thanks. I did see those articles, as well as a million others that are out there on the net. I was hoping I could just talk to another forum member who had experienced it and could maybe tell me the different kinds of medicines and treatments they went through. But all in all, I'm still going to have to take her to the vet again. (And she hates that )
definitely keep with the force feeding. good luck at the vet's & we're all hoping for a good poop & pee - then we can do the poop dance!
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When you go to the vet again, be certain to mention the vomiting. I give Neigi Metoclopramide before each feeding. I was told 1 ml metoclopramide 30 min before feeding 60ml of Clinical (canned liquid nutrition provided by the clinic). He vomited 1 hour after his first meal at home. This morning I waited 40 minutes and gave only 40ml. Kept that down. Just finished another feeding (6 hrs apart). Hopefully he will keep that down. Perhaps your kitty would tolerate the Clinical (or similar) better than the watered down canned food. This stuff is the consistancy of skim milk. Very smooth. Good luck.

P.S. The nasoesophogeal feeding tube Neigi has makes his feedings really easy. He seems to understand what is going on...just lays there still with his eyes closed the whole time. Maybe that would help in the short term.
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My main concern right now is even after all of the food and water I've given Isis, she still has not gone to the bathroom. So, I have decided not to give her anymore until I take her to the vet tomorrow. How many CC's of food are you giving your cat each day and each 6 hours? My vet didn't give me an exact amount. He just said about 1/2 a can a day, but I can't seem to get it right! I'm either giving her too much (and she throws up) or I'm not giving her enough b/c I can't get to the 1/2 a can a day thing. It seems as though the yellowing in her ears may have gotten worse. I cannot wait until tomorrow when I can take her back to the vet. I wish they would keep her for a day or two. It'd give me a break from the heartache and stress, plus I feel the vet might be able to get her a little more stable.
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Milliliters and cc's are VERY similar in size. The syringes are marked in cc's so I am not concerned with the minute difference. They suggested 60mls every 6 hours or 80 mls every 8 hours (240 mls per 24 hours). I gave him 60 last night when I got him home and he threw up an hour later. I will say that when I picked him up nobody could tell me exactly when he had been fed last...maybe it was too soon?? Not sure, but today I decided to be more conservative and only gave him 40 at a time. Two meals so far and no vomiting. I will give another 40 before bed. I plan to do this tomorrow as well and then Tuesday up it to 60 and see how he does. Although I probably will do that for dinner so I am here if he does vomit. Partly I don't want him to vomit because it could displace the feeding tube and then I would have to take him in, replace it, xray to confirm it's correct....hassle and expense. I am with you on being concerned about not relieving herself. Do you know how to check for dehydration? Pull up gently on her skin along her scruff and backbone. Properly hydrated...it should quickly go back into place. If it stays "up" she's dehydrated. I don't know if you have emergency care available to you...if so, I would consider going in just so they can administer some fluids. I will check this thread once more before bed. Good luck and be assertive with the docs on what you want for your baby.
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Yes, I know how to check to see if she is dehydrated. That seems fine. 60 cc's?!?!?! Wow!!! I've only been giving her about 12 cc's at a time!!!!!!!! When I increased to 15 cc's that's when she threw up. I am going RIGHT NOW to give her more. My vet told me 1/2 a can a day, which I have no idea how many cc's that is. I wish he would have been more specific. How much does your cat weigh? Before my cat was sick, she was right at 10.5 lbs. Now she is at 7.25. She's lost over 3 lbs in less than 2 months!!! I hope you haven't already gone to bed. Your infomation has been very helpful.
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Glad I could help. The past three days have been a rollercoaster. Neigi weighs 11.5 lbs. He used to be more but has been very slowly losing. Perhaps due to getting older. He's 12 now and pretty much a couch potato. This is his first major illness. Be sure to get some anti-nausea/vomiting medication. That will help. How are you feeding her now? Just sticking the syringe in her mouth? I bet that's a struggle for both of you. Talk to the doc about a NE tube...it's soooo much easier. Neigi just had his third meal with no vomiting all day. He even went after the regular dry food in the bowl! I gave him some of the z/d and he ate a tiny bit. Whew! That is a great sign that he's feeling better. Hang in there. Don't let the doc talk you out of anything tomorrow. I know they have the fancy degree and all...but she's your cat!
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Neither vets have tried talking me out of anything. They both think she will recover just fine (b/c she's so young). I'm at work right now. Isis is sleeping under my desk. We have an appointment at 11:30 (in a little less than an hour). I am going to inform them about the vomiting and her not going to the bathroom. Right now I am gently syringing food into her mouth. She doesn't fight me at all. It seems as though she knows I am trying to help her.

Do you have a picture of your cat? I think I have one on my computer here at work. I'll post it if I can find it.
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Ok, well I just got back from the vet a few minutes ago. They are keeping her to give her some fluids and they're doing the tube thing. He said he thinks my cat will be ok!!!!!!!
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Please keep us updated on how your baby is doing!
My kitty has been in the hospital for 3 weeks/ starting with surgery to open his urethra / leading to infection/ lead to fatty liver disease. He is currently being fed 50 - 60 cc's a day through a tube in his esophagus. Docs tell me the same thing, he's young (2 years) and they think he'll pull through.
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Neigi managed to dislodge the feeding tube early this morning. I had to take him in and get it replaced. He's doing well though and I think he will be fine. I think all our cats will be fine. They just need some serious TLC for a while...

Now, how the heck do I post a picture???
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is he eating on his own yet?
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He is showing interest in dry food. This all started last Thursday night, so it has only been a few days. The vet gave me a sample of Hill's Prescription Diet Z/D. Hypoallergenic food with hydrolyed protein (I don't quite understand what that means). Anyway...I think he probably needs the tube for another couple days. On the other hand he has become so congested today that I am starting to wonder if it should be removed. Then the concern is will he eat enough on his own??? If only he could blow his nose!
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Originally Posted by tangerine
Please keep us updated on how your baby is doing!
My kitty has been in the hospital for 3 weeks/ starting with surgery to open his urethra / leading to infection/ lead to fatty liver disease. He is currently being fed 50 - 60 cc's a day through a tube in his esophagus. Docs tell me the same thing, he's young (2 years) and they think he'll pull through.

He's only getting 50- 60 cc's a day??? They told me 240 a day for Neigi.
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I am to start off with feeding Isis 10 cc's 4 times a day. Then tomorrow I increase to 20 cc's, then the next day 30 cc's and I keep increasing until I reach 60 cc's. They put the tube in my kitty's neck and wrapped her neck up with ace bandadge type stuff. She seems to be doing just fine!

I am sorry your cats feeding tube came out this morning!

And I am sorry that your cat had a blockage. My other cat had one once before, too. Several hundred dollars later, he was fine. The vet said he wouldn't make it, but he did.
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I was wrong when i wrote the ccs... I meant at a time, I think they are feeding him 3 or 4 times a day... now he is up to 70 ccs... AND YESTERDAY HE ATE ON HIS OWN!!! Hopefully he will be home saturday.

How is your baby doing?
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Yeah for eating!!! Neigi managed to remove his elizabethan collar and it totally vanished! I CANNOT find it anywhere. Went and got another and he removed that along with pulling the feeding tube out of his nose...again. Now he is without a tube but eating on his own...just little bits at a time but he is eating! The congestion is thanks to his herpes virus flaring up due to the stress of everything else. I think he'll be ok...as long as he keeps eating. He is totally getting pampered and we are doing everything to keep him warm and comfy and fed. Hope your kitty comes home Saturday. 3 weeks to too long to be away from home.
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I am becoming overly stressed. Feeding Isis through the tube is hard. It clogs very easily. She doesn't seem to want to sit still. Every time I feed her the food/water goes everywhere. On her, me, the carpet, etc... Each feeding is taking me about 30 minutes. I get about 5 to 10 cc's in and the tube clogs. I am starting to wonder if I should have put her to sleep. She is suffering so badly. When I came home from work my bathroom floor was COVERED in pee. (But hey... at least she's peeing now). I need a hug. I don't know if I can do this much longer and it hasn't even been long yet
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Can anyone help offer advice to me on keeping my kitty's tube unclogged? I try propping her legs up like everyone suggests, and I always flush the tub with water to prevent clogging, yet it still is getting clogged. I am wondering if maybe my formula is too thick and maybe I should add more water. However there aren't any chunks in it. I don't see how it could be too thick. I don't know
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What are you feeding her through the tube? I was using a canned "liquid nutrition" the vet gave me. VERY thin consistancy...like water. If you are trying to feed watered down regular canned food...maybe puree it in a blender first?? I was taking 20-30 minutes to feed Neigi too. Vet told me that Coke works well to remove clogs. Has it been clogging since day one? I am sorry you are having so much trouble. Yeah for peeing!!! That is very important and good. Hang in there.....
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I will post a picture when I get home from work.
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Ok after I posted here last night, I was laying in bed with Isis. I had just fed her about 30 minutes prior. She threw up alllllllll over my bed, down the side, onto the bed skirt and then onto the carpet. THEN to make matters worse, she hopped down off the bed and peed on my floor! I HAVE CARPET!!! I haven't gotten any sleep since the tube went in. She is peeing and throwing up everywhere. This morning I added more water to the food. It went down a little more easily but it could have just been a coinsidence. We'll see. When I got out of the bathtub this morning, (after taking my dirty sheets off the bed) Isis peed on my bare mattress IN 2 DIFFERENT PLACES. I love her, and I want her to get better, but she is locked in the bathroom until she gets better.
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I am so sorry and believe me... I totally understand. The few days that tan was home, I felt i was losing my mind. not to mention his two sisters that didn't treat him so nicely either.
I understand about the peeing, as tanny hasn't went in a litter box for 3 weeks... and when he was home, he would go on me, actually all over the dang place, on the bed, in the tub (which i actually didn't mind).
Did you try changing litters. I am going to try shredded newspaper... there is another litter called attract litter.
I haven't fed tan yet (he ate again yesterday - regular food, half can of wet food), but he is still being tube fed. He IS coming home saturday, but I think that it when it begins. Please keep the faith... I have my fingers crossed for you!
Maybe I missed something in this post, but why is the baby urinating everywhere?
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