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Green eye gunk???

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the day before yesterday i noticed that little brutus (4 1/2 - 5 months old) had some just a little amount of green eye junk. yesterday was give vet appointment and i didnt ask, but he had a little green gunk in his eyes, but they checked them and said that they were fine. i didnt bring it to their attention however. ifigured vets would pick up on it if there was something wrong. well anyway i was wondering if the occasional green gunk is normal i have cats all my life and know what the symptoms of uri are he has no symptoms of that, no sneezing, or anything,he is totally himself, aside from being slightly sire from his shots. he may favor that eye just a tad. it is open to normal size the whites of it arent red and his conjuctiva in that eye is normal. i really love my little guy of course and worry about him, but it is expensive and i just would like a few pointers, thanks!!!

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Green is not normal to my way of thinking, no. When you say "he may favor that eye just a tad" do you mean squinting?

I would telephone the vet, mention that it was overlooked during his checkup and ask them what to do- you just might get a no charge visit out of it. And you should IMO- it should have at least been mentioned. Press them- tell them that's half of what you brought him in for and in your excitement both you and the vet forgot to discuss it.

If it were me, I would prefer that it be looked at. A tannish color gunk is sometimes present, and clear tearing is sometimes present, but I have always heard that green or yellow indicates an infection.

If they tell you not to come back ( and you decide not to go anyway, which I would) in I would be watching that eye very closely- eyes are not something to fool around with. Something as simple as a little tube of ointment might be all you need.

And in the future- before any vet visit make a list and take it in with you. It is easy to forget things- we've all done it.
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well i know i should have brought it up, i am just that way (doh!). but i was talking to a girl at work and she mentioned allergies. and today there hasnt been hardly any discharge at all. so i am going to keep and eye on it (no pun intended ) i know eyes are a no joke thing, that is why i was concerned!! thanks for the advice!
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Allergies can cause runny, weepy eyes but not a green discharge. To me that says infection, but I'm a worry wart Mommy.

Good luck- and post back with any results. I worry about these kitties especially if we never hear what eventually happened
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well it is totally gone, no more junk, just normal stuff. i am a worry wart myself!! but i think knowledge is important before freaking out, so i always ask but he is totally fine, it just kinda went away, and only lasted a few days. but thanks again!!
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Could he have been under stress? Kirra had green gook in her eyes when i took her yesterday morning to get spayed and the vet didnt prescibe anything, said she was under alot of stress, between me being nervous and than the car ride with the kids in the back. Is it clear now? Kirra's has been clear since that one time. So maybe he was nervous?
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i dont know what he would have had to been nervous about, he just is as spoiled as can be, lol! but maybe. yep he is green gunk free!! thanks
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