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The daily thread July 15, 2006

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One word for today HOT!!!!!!
The temp is to reach 96 degrees (36 C). I did a quick water on some plants and will cross my fingers for the next 3 days. The cats are out right now but will be coming in a couple of hours. Last night house was warm-I opened front door at night and had a fan flowing cooler air in but it raised the humidity level.
Fire dangers in several areas of WI.
So whats on tap??? Going to farmers market, drop off fabric for quilt at Woolen Mill, one stop at a store to pick a couple spices up for my sis and back home.
DH wants to head up north about an hour away to look at traillers again and then going to SIL's farm to swim in pond!!!
Then come home and sweat inside house all night!!
Tomorrow even hotter 97F I have volunteer duty in am at area garden walk and DH has a golf outing!!
Have a good weekend..
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Well lets see....it's only 72 here right now, but then it's only 9am. We are under an excesive heat watch here. It's been awfuly humid. My plans for today include stripping the bed to wash sheets and breaking out the good ol mop and concentrating on my floors. Bathroom needs some attention too. Fun huh? (DH is at work anyway!)

After my chores I'll probably be back on here with one of my architectural programs. I'm trying to come up with some new ideas for my job. It looks like we may have to move the office to drum up more business in my department. I'm not excited about that. I don't care for the office building we're in now (has practically no natural light) but it's only a 5mile drive there. If they move to the city they are thinking of, it will become more like 20-25. And I hate driving. Especially in the winter when it snows around here. People don't know how to drive in it and the crews don't know how to keep the roads clear either! Ok enough of my rant....time to mop!

Oh, I will be baking something today I'm sure!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
Oh, I will be baking something today I'm sure!
What are you going to make?

Good morning!

It's going to be a super hot muggy day here today too. I'm hoping to go down by the lake and relax.

Have a wonderful weekend all!
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Today is yet another day in this neverending heat wave. With humidex, it should reach 36C today and worst of all, it'll barely go down during the night.
No end in sight according to the weather people.

Not much planned for today. I have homework to do and hopefully I can find the energy to do it despite the heat.
For now, I need to go do groceries before the heat gets even more unbearable.
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Humid here, too. So I shall be staying indoors where the A/C is! Do ya blame me?
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Supposed to hit 102 here today - EEK!

I'll be heading for home in about an hour -and John will get off work at noon and will be driving the motorcycle home. Its already 74* here - and its only 8:20AM. Its gonna be a hot one! Supposed to be in the 100's today and tomorrow. Good thing we're going camping so we'll be in the boat on the water all weekend!

I hope you all have a nice weekend- stay nice & cool!
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Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone!!

It is also going to be a hot one here and the heat index should be over 100!! We still haven't had a good rain for a couple of weeks....its suppose to rain on Sunday and I hope it does because we really need it!! It's funny because last year I was hoping it wasn't going to rain, b/c it rained a lot!!

Well last night Jason and I went to eat at Logan's Steakhouse for the first time and we loved it!!! We usually have only 3 to 4 resturants that we alternate....and this can be another one!!

Tonight we are going out with our friends and going bowling!! I can't wait.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!
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Afternoon all! Or should I say evening all? I have one word for you all and that's HOT!!!!!!!!!! Yikes! You could fry an egg on the sidewalk here it's so darn hot!
No porch time for the kitties, they are inside in the cool central air and that's where they are going to stay. I just got off work an hour ago and I'm feeling yucky but I had to stop by since I haven't been in here since a couple of days ago. I better go I just wanted to say hi, but I need to get in the shower. I feel icky!
Have a great night everyone!!
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