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My old boy, Squirt, is having trouble keeping his backside clean - I'm not sure if it's because he can't reach back there or if I need to clip the hair in the area but it is really gross at times. Does anyone have this problem and what do they do to assist their cat with cleaning?

He's 15 years old (new to me) and I don't know if he'll let me bathe him - I'm willing to try but I obviously can't do that to him daily or every other day.

Suggestions would be so great.

Thanks from Squirt and I.
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If he has a belly on him then he probably can't reach back there. His anal glands are probably leaking too. It's possible to express them but I have no idea how to do that.

As for washing him. My older cat is a fatso and can't reach her butt either. Once a week I usually just take her into the bathroom and put her under my arm like a football with her butt end over the sink and have a go at her back side with a cloth and some soap and water (rinse really well when done). It's less traumatizing to them and it accomlishes the job.
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Well I ended up buying unscented baby wipes to help with daily cleaning and I'm going to trim the hair in that area and ... attempt a bath.
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