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3 months old

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Here are photos of the kittens rescued last May.

A month ago

Last night

These are San and Ichi. Notice the scratched faces from rough play.
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They must play rough! Isn't it amazing how much they can grow in just a month?
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I'll say! I think you're going to need a bigger box!
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what cuties!
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Havent they grown!!. Goodness they do play rough as well dont they!.
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Cutie patooties!!
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our kids they grow up too fast
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oh, they do play rough! But they are so adorable - bless you for rescuing them, they are so precious!
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Aww! That's awesome that you rescued them.
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Aww, look how precious they are. Maria, thank you so much for taking care of them. Are you going to keep any of them?
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Gosh, haven't they grown quickly?!

Sweet little faces even with their 'war wounds'!
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