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I Feel Movement!!

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I was rubbing MaxSheba, in which she seems to have become so much more submissive lately. I mean she is NOT the petting type, but today she just layed and let me rub her belly and feel the babies. She even turns from her side to her back to let me rub her entire belly. WHAT A CHANGE! Any how, I can feel and see the babies moving inside. I am so excited. She will be around 8 weeks on Monday, give or take. Wish us the best. Ooh she has been in her box two or three times since I set it up. I think she likes and approves it. So how close can we be?
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Oh thats lovely, I would sit and rub Boo's belly for ages. I loved being able to feel and see the babies moving. Boo had her kittens about 2 weeks after I first felt them.
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you can be anywhere from tomorrow to a week from now,lol. jsut look for the mucus plug ( bloody show) and open mouth panting, stretching like jsut waking up, and unsuccessful trips to the litter box. Good Luck!!! Keep us posted

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My cat is (at best guess by the vet) about 8 weeks pg now. She does NOT like to have her belly touched but I have been able--a couple times--to get her to lay on my lap and let my hand rest on her belly. I have not felt 'babies' per say, but I have felt a tiny bit of fluttering. I cannot feel 'different' lumps, she pretty much feels like one big lump at this point, AND she is a rather small cat. So maybe we have a little bit longer wait than expected? I barely feel movement, I can't SEE any.
I am a bit concerned about timing now because I have had so many things going on lately that the date just slipped my mind and we have her set up in the empty bedroom----but in a couple weeks or so it won't be empty! At least for a week we will have someone staying in there. I chose this room because it is the ONLY room that we can close off totally from the kids and other animals....
SO, please send some good thoughts our way!
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Isn't it the neatest thing? Call me weird, but I loved petting and feeling expectant mom cats but would never want to touch a pregnant human's belly!

Some momma cats love the extra rubbing. My sister was the same way and we have pics of her with her hand constantly on her belly.
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I know it is so cool! I am just so excited and the thought of it being so close. Man! I haven't felt like this since I was expecting It is just so awesome to see the babies moving about so! Keep up prayers for her because she is just laying around a lot. I know it isn't too too close because she still eats like a greedy little pig But I will def. be looking for the panting, meowing, and the restlessness. She has been nesting a little bit I can tell so here is to maybe another week or two and then....KITTENS!!!

If you aren't sure of the time I would probably say you are looking at her being around six weeks or so because I felt movement when she was six weeks old but very week movement. It is when she is about 8 weeks that I felt the strong strong movement and the serious kicks. It is like the baby is in there going HIII-YAH! lol Thanks for the support e1 I love this site! I don't have my digital camera yet and I just got a new job so lets pray I get one b4 she has the babies.

Here is a question. Is there a pic on here of a good birthing box because I want to make sure that I did it properly.
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