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Hello you all..

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I havent been here for over a year now, alot had happened in the one year. Minka, my baby, passed away on July 31, 2005, so i guess i got angry with everything. She had upper respirory disease(sp?) and her kidney and heart failed and passed away. I was really torn, but i am ok, and grieved over it. It is still painful to think about her. Especially now that in a few weeks it will be one year anniversity since she passed away.

In september 2005, i got a new kitten as my birthday gift. It is a seal-point siamese, and i love it to death. His name is Loki, and it sure suit his personality.

Although i had a good time bonding with my new baby, i still terribly miss Minka, and there is another bad news coming up soon, my other cat, Spooky, who is 17 yrs old at least, and she is dying as well. It is sad for me because I had her for a long time, and it is so close to Minka's anniversity, so it makes it harder, and what worse, my grandmother is also dying as well with lung cancer, so right now my life is in hell.

Anyway, i just came back to check this out again and see whats new here.

See you later
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I'm sorry that things are so rough for you right now.
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Thank you for coming back to TCS, DA . i'm terribly sorry that things are going badly for your cat & grandma. and condolences on your loss of Minka, but congratulations on Loki! i hope that you will visit here often, esp. during these dark days. no one should have to face such challenges alone. And many of us here have had such bad heartbreaks, too, that we really do understand. Please keep in touch! Susan
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I remember you! Sorry about Minka, and about Spooky and your Grandma being ill. Congrats on little Loki. I look forward to pics of your new baby, and maybe a few of ol' Spooky, too!
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Life is never easy, but it's a comfort knowing there are others with whom we can share our pain. I'm so sorry to hear of your losses.
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