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I have a seven month old ginger kitten, Mojo, who bites, and this has been increasing. The bites are gentle bites although once or twice they were not.

Reading something in the introduction I think I can try a few things that might stop it. To her, it's play and I have made the mistake of buying into the game with my hands instead of putting her down to play with a toy.

Last night she wanted to play at 3.00am when I was asleep and it was a little like an assault. She got quite "angry" when I pushed her away and sunk in the claws, which did hurt.

I've been away at work most of the week, coming home quite late and I think she is perhaps acting out a little because of that.

If I send some more time with her, and play using toys, discouraging her biting that might have impact? Thanks for any advice.

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Yes, that's exactly the way to do it. And it'll work; just have patience and give it time. Rocket was a biter when I got him and it took several months. Even then once in a while he forgot and started to bite, then remembered he wasn't supposed to do that and turned his almost-bite into a lick instead.
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Yes, you are self on trace of the solution.

First, it is normal they play and bite a little. It will be lesser when they are grown ups. Both ours cats did so. You are lucky he does bites very carefully. Many kittens bites too hard, especially if they were alone in the litter or taken away from mom and siblings too early. (they were never properly taught to take it easy).

Second, the classical mistake is to let them play with your hands yes. Some thinks it is fun and dont bother. But as it bothers you - use other toys instead.
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I had this problem with my cat and have been working on it for the past month or so. First, have scheduled play times (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) lasting at least 15 minutes each. If you do not have the toy, Da Bird, I HIGHLY recommend it. I had to order it especially since I live in Canada and my cat loves it. I also bought at the same time a new product from the company (cat chaser?) which my cat loves even more than Da Bird, if people who have Da Bird can believe it.

If your cat starts biting in the morning to get you to play with him/her, blow in his/her face. Each time he/she tries to bite, blow again. It takes consistency and patience but you can untrain this behaviour. Just remember that it isn't your cat's fault. He/she either learned to play that way or he/she is trying to get your attention in one of the most effective ways he/she knows how.

Good luck.

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I play with Maia whenever she is up for it, but when she gets aggressive towards me , especially when I am not even expecting it, I will toss her aside...similar to when she is on or in something she shouldn't be. Sure enough she comes back in a loving mood within 10 minutes........They will always test thier boundaries, just like they do with thier moms!
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Even then once in a while he forgot and started to bite, then remembered he wasn't supposed to do that and turned his almost-bite into a lick instead.
my kitten does the same thing...of course i've only had him for a week, so that's probably just a coincidence, but he seems to be getting the idea not to bite my hands when i'm trying to pet him. blowing on their face is really effective...i tried hissing but at most he sometimes looked at me and then went right back to savaging my hands. just keep it up and eventually she'll stop biting.
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