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I used to feed my cats Nutro Natural Choice. I think it is a good brand, but decided to try Innova. I recently moved my cats from dry food only to moist and dry. I feed them Merrick. Wellness and Nutro moist food and Innova and Wellness dry food. I have noticed that my cats eat much less of premium food than other brands containing no meat and lots of grains. I can't comment on litterbox odors. The recent switch to moist food has definately increased litterbox odor, but they are not producing huge amounts of feces. My cats really love the moist food (except one) and seem to prefer Wellness or Nutro. Merrick has a very soupy texture that they are not used to.

When I read the ingredient lists on some brands and saw garlic, I thought about whether it would be harmful. I concluded that it most likely was not. In life most things can be beneficial or harmless when used in moderation. Since I could not find enough research indicating garlic was harmful, I concluded that the warnings were regarding large amounts of it. As more research is done I think we will find that there is an intricate balance involved in providing the best nutrition for our cats.

I can't remember the names of the products, but there are a few raw food diets that can be purchased. If you look on Pet Food Direct web site there are some listed. I was thinking of trying one of those brands as a holiday or birthday treat to see how my cats react. So far the are happy with their moist breakfast and come running every day.