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For you, not the furbabies

What was your nickname(s) growing up? I had a couple... Strawberry Shortcake , and Babygirl....What about you all?
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everyone used to call me Apple. my best friend was called turkey. i cant remember why we called ourselves that. we are actually still called that today. some other people call me jersie (she tried to say jessie and turkey and it came out jersie). i'm still called all of my nicknames. my mom calls me acissej (uh-kee-sej) then my older sister calls me keister (like an old man butt) because it sounds like acissej. lol
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Oh my...
I was called "worm" growing up by my older brother and sister

I was called "slinger" in high school by some co-workers.

Then in my last job I was nicknamed "Fred".
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My dad would call and still calls me Lemur...that is why I named our first cat lemur.

My mom would call me Lanie....

My friends call me Monkey and I call them Monkey...hince the other name for our cat!! (we love monkies!)

I call Jason Bunny Boo and baby

And Jason calls me Bunny boo, Baby, and Buns (we never call eachother by our "real" names )
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Hmm in grade 5, my friends called me K.L.. Only my mom and sisters call me Kale.

hmm, I had a lot of not so nice nic names being the *fat* kid in school but that's ok.
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I've never really had any nicknames that stuck...

When I was younger (elementary school) my best friend April and I would go down to a little deli in our neighborhood when we had saved up enough change to buy something to eat there. One day the owner asked if she was born in April, but her birthday was in September. So they called us July and September.

For a while at the Nationals, when I was much younger, there were always big "fights" for collecting the brass on one team match day. (Too long and involved to explain, let's just say that the brass (spend cases from shooting) was like gold to shooters.) Well, I was a bit, erm, aggressive in making sure that my team got all of our brass, and kinda earned the nickname "The Brass Dragon". There's only a couple people who still remember those days!
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I am 6 feet tall, always have been it seems. My last name is Neuberger.

I was called, Jolly (for jolly green giant) By my middle school Basketball coach
Also Stretch, by the same coach.

Cheese or Cheeseburger by my best friend in HS. We played sports together so on the court/field it was Cheese. All our teamates took to the nickname as well

My best guy friend used to call me sasquatch when we weren't friends. Then shortened it to Squatch when we became friendly. Then changed it to Squeech when we became, ah-hem...very friendly. He still calls me Squeech to this day.

Dad called me Peanut or shug. Still does, unless he calls me Dear on accident (which he calls me mom) then quickly changes it to Shug. "I don't know Dear! I mean Shug..." lol

I call Jordan honey all the time. He calls me Kristin. lol
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I had "wewah" for the longest time.
In high school it was "hollywood"
Because I always wore hollywood type things, and my dream was to go to hollywood and make it big in the acting.
Now it's "mommy"
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I've always been Red.

Gee, betcha can't figure out why
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When I was a few years old, my parents started calling me Chuck after Chuck Norris from Walker, Texas Ranger (my Mom was a fan). That got passed on to all of my relatives and they still all call me Chuck to this day.

Since grade 3, all my friends have called me J.R. (my initials). That started because both me and a friend of mine are named Justin. My 3rd grade teacher would always get us confused and so she called me J.R. for my initials and him J.G. for his. In high school, my weight lifting buddy started calling my Junior for 2 reasons: 1. He couldn't believe how strong I was for my size, and 2. JR is the abreviation for Junior.

Today, I go by all 4 names: Justin, J.R., Junior and Chuck.
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Cherokee Princess (there is supposed to be Cherokee in my ancestry) and Scumpus are from my parents. "Scumpus"? That came from my attempt to say the word "scrumptious".

Arlyn? My niece is known as "Aunt Red" for probably the same reason!
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My real name is Francesca

And so in Australia alot of people pronounce my name weird so it was shortened to

Fran, Frenchie, Fran phone, Fanny (grr i hate that word) My grandmother couldnt pronounce the R so i was always named fanny! (no wonder i have such a dirty mind ) Butter, fatty, catty.. dont ask the last 3 i have no idea why they called me that :P

now its just Fwan pronounced Fuh-ann
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Very occ I get called Moll. My BF brother used to call me Molz. At my job sometimes the guys call me Hatch.. I didn't know this before but there is a Rock band called Molly Hatchet.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
I've always been Red.

Gee, betcha can't figure out why


thats one that my hubby calls me
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Yeah, I think I qualify
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Same here

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My hair is actually auburn, but it gets to be an awful orange in the summer (as you can see by the ends of my hair).
In the sun though it shines red, gold, brown and (blech!) orange.
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Mine is a deep auburn with a lot of blonde highlights (natural of course).and in the summer its a BRIGHT orange with the top layer being blonde... I've never dyed or colored it but sometimes I wish I did!

Don't laugh at the outfit I was about to go riding on my ninja..............................
Ok, go ahead... laugh

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My favorite name for me is Aunt Honey, also my niece will call me huns buns and she calls her grandmother Graham cracker...shes a character.

Most people call me Hel cuz my name is Helen, my aunt calls me Magnolia Blossom..I know it's stupid its from Gone with the wind or something she's nuts.

Also Martharoni for the Italian Martha Stewart HA what a joke!
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