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Online Medicine?

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Hi all. Is there a place online where I can order medicine without a prescription? Scenerio: New feral (black cat I call "Sinbad") accepted into group who I've just gotten to trust me. I see that his eyes are very infected and weepy. I would like to apply a topical antibiotic. I know I'm not a vet, but I don't think he'd deal very well with being trapped and taken to the vet since I've just gained his trust. Any help/feedback is much appreciated!
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There is a product-terramycin. Its to go in eyes. I get mine from drsfostersmith.com...but alot of places have it online. not sure if you could get it in eye of him...if you brought him to vet could you get him neutered (is he? if not could be infection due to fighting)and hold him...sure they could give you a antibiotic to mix in his food. Also if its that bad wouldn't want to see him go blind...On the other hand I have a cat whos eyes look HORRIBLE but its just allergies(vet saw it as neuter and told me nothing I can really do-hes happy but a couple times a day I have to clean his eyes...hes 16 ish now and has had it at least since 1998. RJ
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