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Was upstairs playing with the kittens last night and noticed Macster is not what the vet says he was! Mac is a girl! I have been so occupied I didn't pay attention just took the vet's word for it, so keeping the Mac surname anyone got ideas on a name change for this cutie?
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Oh my God!!!! She is adorable!!!! I want her! Can your drive out to Apple Hill?????? I'll put on a pot of coffee.
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And whatever you name her, she's adorable!
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What a cutie! What are the other kitties' names that start with Mac?
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Well we had MacGregor who passed over the Bridge. (Mom had distemper while kitties were in utero) and then there is MacBethie, Mac's sister shown here.oh and Mom's name is McKenzie
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how about:

MacKay, MacGillikitty, MacDoodles
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I like MacGillikitty! That is so cute. I could only think of MacBride.
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Never thought I would thank hell...LOL I love that name and so McGillikitty it is. We can call her McGilly for short!
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AHhhhhhhh - so glad you liked it ......... it's an honor to be able to help name the weee one.
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