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Please help - bleeding spots on Tigger

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A few days ago I noticed a tiny cluster of 3 or 4 bumps on one of Tigger's ears. Today they are scratched off and there are bleeding sores in their place. There are also two new spots - one above and one below her left eye. She keeps scratching them and I'm trying to watch her and keep her from irritating them further.

We already have a vet appt for Tuesday at 6pm... this is her regularly scheduled vet appointment and we moved it up a few days when we originally saw the bumps a couple of days ago. Now I am more concerned because of the new spots.

Has anyone seen this before? Any chance it's contagious (I have another cat in the house). Can it wait until Tuesday? I'm freaking out... I've never had a cat with any bleeding sores before!

Some pictures... my apologies if these are large but I want the detail to show...

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

Edit - More information:
-we are a two-cat, two-person household - no kids, no outside pets visiting, no ppl visiting
-they are 100% indoor cats and have not been out of house since they were boarded at our vet in Dec 2005
-Tigger has been losing weight gradually over the last 6-8 months and is now very lean. Before that she was a little 'chubby' but she now runs around a lot more since we have a second cat. Callie, however, is gaining weight like crazy and we can't figure out how to get her to be more trim.
-when they play/fight/roll around, Tigger is generally the agressor and Callie would stand the most chance of getting hurt (but she generally just hides from Tigger or runs to me for protection). I don't think these wounds/sores are from a cat fight or anything like that.
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eek - it's a full time job trying to get her to stop scratching at her sores!
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the way the patches are forming... ringworm maybe? but you wont know for certain until you see the vet

Hope fpr a speedy recovery for Tigger
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What did this end up being??? Just wanted an update to see how he was
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An aunt of mine who is a cat person always had aloe vera growing, and whenever one of her cats got a scratch or wound, she would break off a "leaf" and rub it on the wound to help it heal.

I have no doubt it will not help you heal, but it's a good home remedy to soothe a cat's wounds and help it get better.
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Those look very similar to my cat's wounds. I'll link to my posts.


The vet looked at Tess last night and said that it looked like she was self inflicting the wounds by rubbing her muzzle against something. I don't know if I agree with that diagnosis, but I'm applying the cream they gave me, and I'm keeping an eye on it. Next week we'll hopefully be able to tell more.
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My vet thinks that Tigger had an allergic reaction... although I can't think what she would be allergic to. It's not like there has been anything new in the house, but I guess it's always possible.

She is now on twice daily oral antibiotics, plus ointment (Hibitane) to apply to the sores for one week. Putting cream on her face is not easy and it drives her insane. I can easily do her ear and the spots above her eyes without bothering her too much, but the worst/biggest spot is below her left eye. She can see the sore, and she can see the cream I put on it. Then she scratches the crap out of it because of the cream, and she opens up the wound... while she's scratching she's growling and making little noises and it sounds like she's hurting herself! But she keeps scratching to get the cream off. It seriously breaks my heart. I'm trying to help, but it's just making it worse. And then she gets grumpy and won't come near me for awhile because I'm the one that put the cream on I don't think I can put any more cream on that spot unless she gets a "cone" to keep her from ripping the wound open.

If this doesn't work within a week, we may have to take her in for a full biopsy of one of the sores so they can determine exactly what it is.
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