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Kitty Krazies

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Does anyone's cat(s) get the sudden crazies? I mean one minute calm and snoozing and the next up and zooming around, jumping and meowing at something only they can see or hear?

It is very amusing and fun, but also very strange. I have never seen a cat go so playful in an instant. My kitty is having an attack of the crazies right now and zooming around and attacking her toys - if I didn't know better I would swear she got into a secret stash of 'nip or something. (Not so cute at 3 AM though...)
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Jaffa's having one right now! I call it mad half hour, or if it doesn't last that long it's a "frisky five minutes".
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Rikki does it all the time. one minute calm as can be, next minute, boucing off every wall.
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Sebastian can come out a dead sleep and start going crazy...i have hardwood floors so when he gets going back and forth through the apartment he can's stop and ends up sliding into walls..its pretty funny!!!

Also if he trys to start running from a sitting position his feet are moving but he is in the cracks me up!!

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Hahaha. Well my cats are mellow at times, but they are usually bouncing off walls as you say. Lol
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I have kittens, and they have the perminate krazies!!!!!!! Well that is until they get older and lazier, LOL! I also have grown cats that get the krazies every now and then. I LOVE watching the kittens, I can't tell you how many times I have fallen asleep watching kittens-because I watch them till I pass out from being tired LOL! I love the wild eyed look they get-AMAZING!
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When we got Harley as a kitten - he was the same way - he's calmed down so much since he's gotten older - (still active tho)

Now that we've adopted Davidson (Harley's 1/2 brother) he gets the crazies - and Harley joins in - but sometimes Davidson just goes crazy by himself, running all over everything and everyone in his way - and Harley and us just sit back and watch
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LOL, my cats are so lazy that if one of them started running aroud like that I'd think they were sick, LOL
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Wonton gets the crazies every night at around 7 pm, then sometimes again later at night. He tears around the house like someones chasing him, and his tail will puff up to three times its normal size and he'll get a wild look in his eyes...he'll stop and walk sideways with his wild tail, trying to threaten something that only he can see :p

he also does this silly thing where he RACES out of his litterbox (and no his box isn't foul, i scoop everyday and change completely every week). He'll be in ther edoing his business as normal and suddenly we'll hear an almighty thump - its him jumping through the opening (its a covered box) so fast and hard that he knocks the top off.. he'll come tearing into the bedroom and then sit down and groom himself like nothing happened at all. He also likes to do the "round and round". the way our apartment is laid out, you can go round in a circle: computer room to bedroom, bedroom to bathroom, bathroom to kitchen, kitchen to otherside of computer room. if we leave all the doors open he'll go round and round in a circle three or four times...i always ask him "who's chasing you?" but he never replies
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Oliver does it too, usually right after a big poo! haha, it's funny because it looks like something out of a cartoon - just a giant orange blur zooming around the house
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It is just like a cartoon! And what really gets me is how LOUD she is running around - she is a tiny thing but seriously pounds the floor on her zoomies!! I am glad it isn't just my little goofball.
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Missy has her silly moments where she's sprint through the house, jump on things, climb up, jump down. We get a laugh out of watching her, it's really cute. And she is super fast, I jokingly said I should have named her bullet.

One odd thing is that she has times where she acts afraid of everyone like she did when we first brought her home. She'll keep it up for a bit then mellow out and act loving and playful again. Any explanation of why she does this?
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