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Need advice

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I recently posted on my Squiggles moodswings, and got a response back to take her to the vet...And boom, I discovered it, her eye has runny discharge, so bad that her one eye she keeps shut...
She is eating and drinking, when I bring them to her..
I know she needs to go, I just moved here , and dont even have a vet. The 20 I called said next week. I found one that said tomorrow, so I will have to see what I can twist at work, or see if my friend can take her for me..
They also said they are willing to treat all of my cats, after seeing her (which the others said was illegel to do) but I think thats the affordable way to go..

Should I treat all of them?? Thats my issue, I guess it cant hurt getting the stuff, that way I have it, but I dont want them to keep getting reinfected if I dont treat at the same time..But dont want to treat for no reason either. Also, with Bella, the newest baby who came with a URI, she was on antibiotics plus drops...DO I need both??? OR maybe just drops..Dont hear wheezing , or sneezing, just eye gunk...
Bella got over her URI, I cleaned and quarantined the room she was stuck in for those 2 weeks, even left it empty for a week before the others went in it..
And Garfield seems fine, Squeeky however, had a dry eye sleeper, like humans get in the morning.

And what is the third eyelid?? They all asked me if I seen it??
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The third eyelid is the white membrane that covers the cat's eye. It often comes out when they close their eyes to sleep. If it is out while the cat is awake, it can be a sign of illness or dehydration. The more technical term for it is nictitating membrane.
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Doesn't seem to me that you need to decide whether or not to treat all of them until after you have a diagnosis.

Even if it is a URI, cats can have markedly different symptoms and may not need the same relief. Three of mine all had the very same typical kitten URI's- one sneezed twice and that was all. One got conjunctivitis and sinus congestion but came through it just fine after one week. But the third required two separate hospitalizations and weeks of force feeding and home care and came very close to dying. I did not treat them all with the same meds, as each was his own set of symptoms.

And the most common URI is viral- once they have it they have it. It can flare up later in life but they don't really get reinfected per se. Unless you wore a hazmat suit in to care for Bella when she was sick it's likely all of your cats were exposed to it then. It is airborne and very virulent.

This is all just speculation anyway- are your other cats ill?
Maybe it just an infected eye and it will be a simple remedy.
I'd wait and see, and obviously discuss it with the veterinarian.
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I heard one sneeze once or twice, in the same episode, not sure if it was Garflied or Squeeky though..

And Squiggles is still the same today, one little ball of dried up gunk on the corner of her eye, she is keeping it open, and not hiding anymore, she is eating, drinking, walking around as normal..

Other then that its really nothing in any of them...I just got so nervous, knowing how sick Bella was...If it wasnt for that , I cant honestly say I would have called every vet in town.

She almost seems just fine..But I cant help but worry, on the other hand if it would go away in a week, I would feel dumb for taking them all in there for a 500 fee..And of course, med's they dont need!!

The one thing we were taught in nursing school was the over use of antiobiotics, I watch what my son and myself take, so I want to watch what they take too
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