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A second cat after moving?

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Ok, here is my "problem": I will move back to Germany in November. Of course I will take my cat Sweety with me. Now I was thinking that it might be nice for her to get a kittie friend, but I'm afraid of the fights over the territory (that is my apartment).
Would it be a good idea to get a second cat right after moving to my new apartment so that neither of the cats consider it their home?

Sweety will be about 2.5 years old when I move. How old should the other cat be? Can it be a kitten/young cat or should she be about Sweety's age?

Please let me know what you think about this!

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I think that at 2 1/2 years old Sweety would probably get on well with another cat - not old enough to be too set in her ways. How lively is she? Maybe an older kitten or a cat the same age. If she's quite playful she'd probably cope quite well with a kitten. I've read that moving is a good time to introduce a new cat before the existing cat gets too territorial about the new home, but personally I'd be inclined to wait a little while for her to get over the move and feel comfortable in her new home.
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i would give Sweety a few months to get used to her new home. and after she's had time to get used to her surroundings, i'd get her a kitten. i say this because i've had experience with it. (as i'm sure lots of people on this forum have.) if you bring a small kitten into her territory, she'll more than likely accept it. if you bring an adult cat into the scene, they'll probably never get along. i've brought 5 kittens into my home in the past 5 years and the adult cats have always accepted them. it took a week or two, but they all get along.

and don't be afraid to leave the kitten with Sweety. just let them get to know each other and it will all be fine. this is my experience talking again...don't force them on each other, just let them feel each other out. don't lock the kitty in a seperate room or keep Sweety from it. they'll fluff and hiss, but they're cats, that's what they do.

like i said, i've done it 5 times in 5 years and it's turned out fine every single time.
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I just experienced a similar situation. I moved to a completely new location with my cat a few months back and now have gotten a cat. I didn't get one right away because I wanted the cat to adjust first and get settled. However, if you're moving back to a place the cat is already familiar with, it might be different.

Younger cats seem to work better with adult cats, I've heard and noticed so far. Just have lots of patience.
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It depends on your cat and how stressed you think she'll be over moving. When I moved most recently, I had lost my old boy, Spot, a moth and a half before the move date. I moved Willow into the new apartment and waited about a week and half to let her get a little settled. I then went to the cat shelter and adopted another old boy, Odo. I initially kept them separated for a couple of days and then slowly introduced them. They now spend a lot of time chasing each other (seems to be play). They occasionally swat at each other but they don't hiss or fight each other.

Basically, it depends on your kitty's personality. With Willow, I really wanted to get a second cat before she got too settled so she would be more tolerant. All the cats she's lived with have been around her age or older. She's never really been best buddies, but she has tolerated most of them (except when they beat her up, as my boyfriend's cat did).
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I would have to agree with the others. it would be best to get a kitten. because they dont really care about their territory,untill they are adults..
but I would get a kitten. when the kitten grows up he/she will know who is the boss. But to be on a safer side. Since your cat is a female cat.I would get
a male cat/kitten to be on the safer side.Because when I brought home ginger
and snap ( female cats) Birdie hated them. so I found homes for them. then I waited a couple of months then got socks (male kitten) And Birdie just loves
him! To be on the safe side get a male cat/kitten!!

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Yeah, I wish I knew to get a male kitten for my female cat beforehand beacuse I worry if the fact that they're both females may be causing some of the fighting with them.
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