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i need help! i dont know what to do

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I have an injured cat, but I dont know what to do . I would really like to take her to the vet ASAP, but the problem is i dont have the money to take her there and i really need some help how to take care of her until i have earn some money to take her to the vet. It seems like she broken her tail or somthing is wrong with her back. She's in a lot of pain right now whenever you touch her. She hardly eats and i havent seen her use the kitty litter. And she's always hiding and stays in one spot without moving. I seen her walk al ittle, but not very far. She's been acting like this for days now and i really need some help or advice what to do.

:: please help ::

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You need to get her to the vet TODAY! If you call around to some of the vets in your area, they may be willing to set up a payment plan for you. A shelter in your area may be able to recommend a lower cost clinic. Good Luck
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thank you. I'm going to do that now.
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Yes, your cat needs a vet like you need to breathe. This is not an optional vet trip. Nobody is going to be able to tell you anything else to do than go directly to the vet, because that is what your cat needs. Not eating for days on end is potentially fatal and not going to the bathroom is too.

There are lots of things you can do to get the money, get creative. You can sell things you don't need anymore, borrow the money, use your credit card, etc. If you aren't regularly bringing her to a vet, you might have a hard time getting one to give you a payment plan, but call the shelters in the area like Abby'sMom suggested and they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Or you can try Care Credit:
http://www.carecredit.com/providerloc/ click Veterinary and then type in your zip.

Also try contacting this org:

Savannah, I understand it's hard when you're broke, but you absolutely must take her to the vet. This is one of the promises you make your cat when you adopt her. If you were in so much pain, you would find a way to get medical treatment, right? While it may not be as easy to just go to the vet, since you're broke, where there is a will there is a way, and we know you want to do what's best for her, so you'll figure out something. But you need to take her to the vet, honestly, you needed to take her days ago.

And consider buying pet insurance for the next time this comes up.
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my cat hasnt been to a vet yet, since i have no money for help. Through out the years she's been looking healthy annd very active.
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and tanks. i just made the call so i'm going now to take her.
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Good luck and let us know how you make out.
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Hope your kitty's ok - keep us posted. If she's showing signs of being in pain she must be really in pain as cats tend to hide their pain. I agree with Abbysmom - phone every vet in your area until you find someone who will let you pay via payment plan or pay by post dated cheque or something. Have you any family who would loan you the money? I've heard people on here mention a credit scheme for vet care, I think?
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"and tanks. i just made the call so i'm going not to take her."

I do hope this is a typo and you mean "now"?

If so, yay! She will thank you for it. I am sooooo glad you are taking her and we'll be waiting for an update. I hope the vet is able to fix it.

Don't forget to tell us how it goes!
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.....sitting here nervously hoping the kitty is okay now!!!!!
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I tried taking my cat to the vet. I went to 3 or 4 vets, but could not find one thats open! so what do i do!?
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Either call around for an emergency vet and/or get up and out the door at 8am and find a vet to see your cat. It breaks my heart that she has been this way for days and you have not been to a vet. If I was low on funds I would be begging family or friends to borrow money. Or start taking things to pawn shops for money. This cat is in serious pain and suffering she really needs to be seen by someone.

I hope you get her to a vet first thing in the morning.
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yeah. i wish i could do that. i was about to ask a friend of mine. If I can drive already i would be out and gone awhile to help my kitty. i love my kitty very much. i feel really bad i can't do anything and my parents are working hard to get money to help her. I'm deffiantly taking my kitty tomorrow morning. i'm going to ask some friends for money too. it's important for my kitty to get help
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Look in your local phone book, surely the vet hours are in there for a few clinics!

BTW-good luck with your sweetheart, at this point the only thing you can do is take her to the vet.
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now im really desperate. I can't sleep just thinking about it. My family really has no money and can't affored even the payment plan! what can i do. I dont want to see my kitty suffering. I really dont know what to do. i'm worried.

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Credit card? Borrow from a friend? Relative? Anything! This is an emergency, your cat needs a vet now. If this was a child what would you do? A suffering animal needs immediate help. If you cannot do anything to help her then the very least, and I hate to say it but the least you can do is have her humanely euthanized. She cannot just go on in this much pain and have nothing done about it.
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You need to call your local animal shelters if you cannot afford a vet - it is cruel to let her go without getting the medical care she so obviously needs.

How long have you had this cat? You sounded like you've had her years and she's NEVER seen a vet!?! That's not right - no one should "own" an animal if they cannot affort TO CARE FOR THAT ANIMAL. It's irresponsible and it's inhumane!

If you cannot care for her you need to find her a new home or at the very least, take her to a local rescue or shelter.
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Did you look at CareCredit or the Imom site I posted yesterday.

I know you're upset, but the best thing you can do for your cat if you cannot afford to get her to the vet TODAY is to surrender her to a no-kill shelter who can take care of her. If you cannot even afford the payment plan, what are you going to do later when she gets sick again?

Since you're 16, according to your profile, you could get a job to help cover the payment plan too, although you won't get your first paycheck quickly enough to help immediately.

This cat needs a vet today, and you know that it is truly cruel not to do whatever it takes to get her one, regardless of personal sacrifice.
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Believe me nobody knows about not being able to afford health care for a cat more than me. I've spent several hundreds on my cat in the past few months, and I'm not 16. I'm 24. I have rent, car note, insurance, cell phone, electricity, groceries, gas, etc.... If I can take care of my 3 cats then your family should be able to take care of yours.

If you can't afford to take care of the little one then surrender her to a 100% no kill shelter so they can take care of her or you need to pay to have her put to sleep.

I pray that your cat (and every other animal in the like situation) find a solution. It was your decision to take the cat in, so you must take care of it. Sure they're all cute and cudly, but as soon as they get sick nobody wants to pay to take care of them. That's how a lot of people are. They're animal lovers until one gets sick.
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Originally Posted by xxcragalxx
now im really desperate. I can't sleep just thinking about it. My family really has no money and can't affored even the payment plan! what can i do. I dont want to see my kitty suffering. I really dont know what to do. i'm worried.
Look, I know how it feels to have no money and a sick cat. I am living on disability. Right now I have $50 on which I need to get to the end of the month. Right now I am looking for stuff to pawn to get cash to feed and buy litter for nine kittens! Plus, one needs a vet.

You need to take your sick kitty to the animal shelter. After suggestions of CareCredit, and IMOM--which will help but you need to follow the procedures perfectly, pawning stuff to get immediate cash, it seems none of these suggestions are going to work for you.

Nobody in here can give advice that will help your darling. If you can't pawn, or beg, then take her immediately to the animal shelter. You'll need to turn her over to them. Meaning you no longer will own her.

Good luck. Sending good vibes to your baby.
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Do you have any local PetSmart's?? They have a payment plan that is very lenient....I really hope everything works out!
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I have decided giving her up to an animal shealther or somebody to take care of her. I am looking for a job, but i need help right now for her. My parents are concern about the pay and are scared if they will be charged for not getting help right away. for animal cruelty. The quickest way i know is animal shealter and give her up. Getting oney from friends i feel ashamed.
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My mom called the animal hospital today. They do not take payment plans. They given us a number for a cheaper animal hospital... but it's close! Do animal hospital really close on weekends!? but if my parents still cannot afford the payment... i will give her up.

i am looking for a job for months now, still havent been hired yet. but i need some help now. so far i manage to get $100, but i dont think it's enough to help
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So this animal has been in pain for 2 says now??
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April, read the original post. It had already been "days" when she began posting about it.

You will be doing the right thing making sure she gets care. At this point, whatever needs done for her needs done today. I don't know why it's taken you this long, but at least you're doing it now. Some animal hospitals might not be seeing patients on Sunday, but there is one somewhere near you that is open, but it will be expensive.

Your parents are right to realize that this cat not having been to a vet is animal cruelty, because it is. But, they won't be charged with anything as long as the cat gets help. It's not your fault that you can't get the money, but you really need to take care of the cat today. I know it will be very hard to give her up, you obviously love her, but it is the best thing for her. Do not take her to the pound. Take her to a no-kill shelter. Don't call first either. Take the cat there, explain that she has been in severe pain for days and that your parents won't pay for her to go to the vet. If they are overcrowded (which is likely) go on to the next one. Do not go to any pounds because they will likely put her to sleep. If you need help finding one tell us your zip code.

If your parents cannot afford a payment plan from a vet, they are not going to be able to afford one for a vet hospital, which is more expensive.

You need to find a no-kill shelter today and take her there. Today. Not tommorow.
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So any news yet? Did you get to the vet. Most people understand not being able to take a animal right away but this could be considered abuse if its not treated soon it needs to see a vet.
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okay, we finally got a hold of a cheaper vet. even though i have no money. my mom is willing to take her today at 3:30 even when we have very little money. but my brother in law is helping my family with the pay also
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Oh, this is good news. I hope it's not too late to help this little one.

Please let us know the outcome.
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i hope it's not to late either. even though my cat seems to be healing, i'm still worried about her. She looks like she's back to normal, but i see like a this wound onher. it's not bloody. I dont know what it is. i'm glad i'm getting help today
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not to change the subject, but someone said petsmart offers a payment plan??
Do they really?? i didnt even know they had a vet, except for their clinic shot days...
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