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my babies

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my skills with the camera are painfully obvious...but what i lack in ability, i make up for in.... bagh! who am i kidding? )

my beautiful Sunny and my southern belle Lilly

my little dancin' diva Chloe

my ever so handsome Rikki

and my little sweetie Elly
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awww...they are precious kitties!!
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thank you!
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Aw, you have a Mainecoon Adorable !
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Your kitties are so cute!
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Aren't they all gorgeous!!!!
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they are all ADORABLE!! I am in love with Elly.
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You have some very beautiful cats!!
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Awww...they are all so cute! Although, I must admit I am in love with dancin little Chloe!
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Ahhhh what a great group, Good pictures to ...My Camera skills are just ok but the ability to make these brats sit still is another one I see you have a pole dancer there, I myself a have a few to
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It's hard to get pics of a cat - and, the best pictures are in our brains because a camera is never around when you need it!

Thanks for the introduction!

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