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Clumsy kitten

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My kitten Archie doesn't like to climb onto some surfaces and immediatly jumps down if he's put on them. When he tries to climb up he sort of stretches up to it and doesn't actually jump, but he can jump onto chairs and the sofa arm with no problems. Even when he wants to reach somewhere that Tilly can easily he just paws at the sides.
He's 15weeks old and 4.5lb and he's very muscular and much bigger than Tilly. Can a long tail/outsize paws cause balance problems? He has both
He's also much calmer than Tilly is and runs around much less. Tilly is about as active as my previous kitten so I'm guessing it's about normal. When he's chasing after ribbons etc he falls over much more than she does.
Will he grow out of it? Is there something wrong with him?
Please help!
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Archie's still a kitten, he's not going to be all that co-ordinated. if he's eating properly and drinking water and normal in every other way, i wouldn't worry about it. he's just getting used to all his stuff. it takes time. when my Rikki was a kitten, i swear he was tripping over shadows, he was so UN-coordinated. he's almost 2 now and he still missteps occasionally.
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Good to know, I figured it was probably nothing but I wanted to make sure, you know?
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