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How Often???

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How often should the kittens be nursing? I am headed to the store tonight to get some KMR to supplement the runt. PetSmart is having a sale on it,,a big tin of the mix your own, 2 cans of it ready made, and 2 bottles and some 6 vials of bacteria, all for $10!!!! so i am going to get that, if i dont use it all, oh well worth the $$.

on a side not, why do they need the bacteria?
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Liza, how much do all of the kittens weigh? What did they weigh at birth? Unless you have a kitten that really isn't thriving (as evidenced by a significant drop in weight or physical observation of not being able to nurse), then IMO, you really should not supplement. That now being said, it won't hurt to give the smaller guys a little extra if they really are not progressing normally. But try to let nature happen and allow them to nurse as often as you can. It is much, much better for them, especially within the first few days.

The BeneBac is to help keep beneficial bacteria in the gut to aid in digestion and to avoid digestive upsets like diarrhea or constipation from the KMR.
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i saw that on sale at petsmart! i picked up a bottle and a packet of mix for 5$ just in case anything ever happened lol.
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