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KRAZY Kittie Behavior - HELP PLEASE

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Greetings Cat Lovers~
My family is blessed with sharing our home with 6 kitties and one large german shepard. We have 4 ragdoll kitties and 2 himalyan kitties. Here's whats happenin... Our oldest ragdoll "GAZO" has decided that he needs to go outside when he wants to. If he doesn't get his way immediately he will stalk any kittie or 120 pound german shepard and make their life "HELL" until he gets his way. Although "BO" our big puppie has been very accomedating of this new behavior, we are concerned that one of these days instead of "BO" running in fear of this terror (which is a piercing scream iN which his mouth openS so large it swallows his entire face, and hitting) "GAZO" is inflicting upon her , she is going to bite our beloved kittie. Generally "BO" doesn't pay attention to our kitties with the acception of "GAZO" he has always been very attentive of our giant friend "BO", and they have become very good friends. So you can understand how confusing it is for "BO" to be living with a kittie that appears to be suffering from "BI-POLAR" disorder.
Any Help is appreciated.
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First off, welcome the board! Sounds like you have a loving family. I have 14 cats and a german shepherd her name is Kenai and she is just turning 4 and she has to put up with kittens climbing all over her, cats taking her cage away from her and she is very tolerant. As I do rescue privately, right now she is having to contend with two little kitties who were born in May and who think GSD are demons from hell. LOL

Shepherds are very tolerant if their owners are kind and loving and dog has been given basic obedience classes or lessons. As for Gazo, you can try putting some Bach's Rescue Remedy into the water dish or the wet food to mellow this cat out. You don't say how old Gazo is, and I understand because he is a purebreed you might not want to consider this, but if he isn't neutered, you might want to neuter him. If he is neutered, then he is just tempermental. I have a siamese mix like that and Kahuna can be very demanding if you don't figure out why he talks so loud. I am sure others will have suggestions as well.
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