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Adding Meat Sources to Dry food?

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I'm new here and I have just adopted 3 american short haired kittens 3 months of age.

Could i add a small amount Skinless/Boneless Chicken Breast or Sardines to my catfood for a little extra protein? Not to mention a MUCH higher quality of protein.

I currently feed my cats Authority Brand cat food. They love it. I fed my cats small cooked sardines and they ate them up. I was thinking about kinda 'blending' small chunks of chicken/fish in with the dry.

I do also feed wet food as well on a daily basis.

Anyone have any ideas on this?

And also (so many questions, hehe), if so, what ratio of dry food to chicken/fish to add?

Thank you so much * hugs *

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The fish is a not so great idea as you can easily upset the vitamin E balance and run into dietary deficiency diseases like steatis.

Honestly- most premium catfoods are formulated to specific nutritional profiles that I don't like to mess with too much. Adding meat adds phosphorous, and without the correct ratio of calcium bad things happen.

It's all about percentages- if you are giving small treats it is fine, but if you are providing meals of it then maybe not.

This forum is chocked full of good nutrition threads, so I would suggest that you just start reading and don't stop

I do, however, just love this one particular page, but there are several like it and they all add something to our knowledge.

Also check out this and this, which contains a lot of links.
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WHy not start with canned >>>?? it has more meat yet is "still balenced" ///

I am doing raw with two animals but I am under the guidence of two vets ...
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If you follow the rule of treats being no more than 10% of your cat's diet then you can. But I would not put a wet ingredient like chicken or sardines out of the can on top of dry food because that can cause a bacteria growth. Feed the wet ingredients separate from the dry food. I occasionally feed fresh cooked chicken as a treat in a separate dish and I use freeze dried meat treats designed for cats as flavor enhancers for my cat's dry food and also because I think adding a small amount can increase the quality of my cat's food a little. It increases the percentage of animal based protein by a small quantity. I buy my cats treats from this website.


And I buy the Halo Live a Littles freeze dried chicken, freeze dried lamb and I buy wildside salmon.

Do be sure that it's no more than 10% of your cats diet because it's important not to upset the calcium to phosphorous ratio balance.
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