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discharge question

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so i wasnt there when Kitty went into labor with her last litter so i kinda know what to look for but i kinda dont. do cats always have discharge before labor? i think Kitty has had only a little discharge. is the back rippling a sign of a contraction? thanks guys!
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icis had some bloody discharge a few hours,,maybe like 5-6 before she went into hard labor. the back rippling is a great sign!!!laying on her side and stretching as if jsut waking up is good too. Icis got REALLY tired toward the end tho, i had to massage her belly to get her to give the last one up , oh about a hour ago, so she was in labor with 4 for 10 hours. Good Luck, keep us posted!!!!
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yeah i saw that back ripple and i was like "wait! she hasnt had any discharge yet!" lol. the back ripple may have had to do with the kittens playing with her tail though. geeze i'm starting to get paranoid... everytime she meows i think she is going into labor.
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