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Worn out....

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It's been a long week and I apologize for not posting more.
I started my new job on monday and it seems to be going ok. We have been in training all this week and will be all next week and have a test to take this coming monday. Who knew there was THIS much to loan processing?
Also my husband has been doing side jobs for roofing. Him and 2 friends did a roof last weekend and it took 12hrs on sat and 12hrs on sunday to finish. I was the one who was running to get unexpected materials and managing the "business" end of it. In other words I'm the brains he's the braun
I didn't get to clean my house at all last weekend and all this week as soon as I get home I have to cook, bath kids and study EVERY night because if we don't pass the test, we don't get the job

And on top of all the studying I have to do this weekend and tend to the house I just got a call from our contractor and they have another job for us this weekend! and two more for the following next two weekends.... I'm EXHAUSTED! I already feel like the walking dead
The money is AWESOME but I'm begining to wonder if it's worth it...
I'm gonna have to sit down with DH and tell him I need a break!
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I knew! I knew!!! I didn't know that's where you were gonna be working. Also, the rules always change cause of new state laws & stuff... yup, that job was not for me! But it did pay well! Good luck, study hard!
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I feel your pain! We have done more than triple the buisness we normally do this week! I am exhausted. But I don't get any rest tis weekend either. My sister is gettng married sunday and tonight is the rehearsal and tomorrow I am having the bachelorette party at tmy house. So tonight I will be clenaing as well as tomorrow mornig! *ugh*
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i totally understand, starting feel run down myself here lately.
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