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First Pictures of Whisker's

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I did it!!!!!
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There's no picture. Can you try again please?
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Hi Lorie,

I am such a dunce. I was trying to preview the picture to see if it worked and it didn't......didn't even realise it had been sent anyways I've sent Hissy an email with my pictures attached. I think she'll come to my rescue

I just can't seem to attach pictures to a Thread.

Any advice?????

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Hopefully it will be on its way soon.
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If you are going to share pictures that are saved on your hard drive you may need to resize them first. You will need a photo editing program to do this. The picture must be under 400 x 400 pixels or under 33K or it will be too large to post here.
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The email is stuck in my out box! I am going to scream!!! I have shut down. re-booted and it's still claiming to be sending but it isn't. I will try to shut down once more and if it does not work, I'll try again tomorrow. It's almost midnight and I think my patience has left the building!!!!
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I am using Photo Express (Ulead) Isn't that what this is for? I can't see where to find the 400 X 400 pixel info.

My email is definately acting up. (even my In Box is inactive now)

Mary Ann, I look into this tomorrow night.

Thanks for your help guys!

G. (still not in bed....this is bugging me)
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To make this easy,
Go to and sign up for an account. Find where it says add pictures. Add all the pictures you want. Click on the picture that you want to post. The picture will open in a new window. Right click on the picture and go to properties. When the properties opens go to Address. There you will see something like this:

(URL) -5dc2-02000180-.jpg

Copy only the part that is highlighted in my example.
After you copy it, come to The Cat Site and go into your thread or reply.

At the top of the text box you will see IMG in a little box. Click on IMG and paste the Address. Or you can do this:

Type [*IMG*] and the paste the address after it. When you have your address typed in put [*/IMG*] at the end of it.
You have to remove the asteriks (*) from the IMG. The only reason I put those there is because there would have been a white box with a red X in them in place of my text.
I find this one much easier!

If you have troubles please let me know!

*Note that when using Club Photo, you're pictures must be saved in .JPG or .JPEG format as Club Photo only supports those file types.
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I agree with Vader. I have pictures uploaded to a different site, but when I share them here I follow the same steps Vader has already given you. I think this is called remote viewing, and when I use this method I don't need to be concerned about resizing the picture. It really is the easier way to share pictures here.
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Vikki, I'm giving your idea a shot first. (it's 6:30 am and my emails are still stuck in the "outbox")

Let's attempt a submit without preview.

Vader, if this doesn't work, I will try the clubphoto.

Thanks guys!


Bare with me.....I'll eventually succeed!!!
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The reason it wouldn't work for you is BMP is a file format to large for some computers to handle. This website will only take jpeg formatted pics and so when you transfered the photo you should have seen an option box in the lower left hand corner that you could click on and it would give you different formats to use BMP GIF jpeg You need to click on jpeg to get it small enough to bring here. As for the other photo? I need to do some cleanup on my files before I can get that one to load, so it will be awhile as I have other things to do today. But with kitty, I could crop the picture and get it small enough for my system to take. I didn't want to crop the pics of you and your babies. Cute family btw! Love those dark eyes on your babies!
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Yeah! We can put a face to the kitty now! Yup, Whiskers looks like another of those "Master of the House" cats, as they all should be. Very pretty kitty!

(Hey, G - Is Whiskers a boy or a girl? The name is kind of androgynous and I can't remember how you've referred to Whiskers before )
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Thanks Hissy! I knew I could count on you!!!!

I looked everywhere for a jpeg selection. Someone else had told me to make sure of this. Couldn't find any....maybe I was looking too hard.!

Thanks for the family compliment. Eveyone seems to be drawn to my boys eyes. (as I am!!!!!!) It is however, an older picture. I will send you a more recent one once I go through everything. It was the only one I thought I looked 'okay' in. I am soooooo not photogenic.


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Heidi, Whiskers is a girl. Having had 2 boys of my own and a husband....I was beginning to feel outnumbered and....way too much male testosterone in one house!!! Having 3 'boys' to deal with on a daily basis makes life interesting. She is my 'stress relief' formula. Sometimes she gets into cahoots with the boys and she's just one of them but normally,....she's part of the "girl's club"!
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Beautiful kitty!!
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G - Whiskers is well cute. Looks like a big cat - or is that the way she's sitting?

Infact - she looks a lot like my Mum's adopted stray.

They're such cool dudes when they're photographed aren't they?

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Whiskers is a sweety!
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Thanks guys,

Yola, she really isn't that big (approx. 7 pounds). She just likes sitting in the weirdest positions.

Thanks ady, she is a sweety!
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Oh Whiskers is BEAUTIFUL!!! (and so is your couch by the way, I love that color, looks alot like my recliner)
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What a SWEET picture.... Is that her couch or yours? LOL!

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Whiskers looks like she runs the house.... Nothing wrong with that though. Xavier runs things around here... He even keeps the dogs in line.

BTW Whiskers is beautiful!!
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Whiskers is a beauty...Whiskers is a beauty...Whiskers is a beauty
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