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Japanese Beetles???

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My mom is having a problem with Japanese beetles in her plants. What would be the best way to get rid of them, preferrably without harsh chemicals? Thanks!
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They sell Japanese beetle traps. There is a chemical element, but it is just a pheromone to attract them, then they get trapped in the bottom of the bag and die. We use them and they are quite effective. Bug-B-Gone are the one's we use.
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We've always used the bags/traps. They're pretty effective. Here's a link to an example that's not too expensive.

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I think that if you want to go out everyday and pick them off an drop them in a solution of I think ammonia slightly diluted kills them pretty quickly.
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She can contact the UW extension office as they have a publication or download it from the uwex.edu website. Its under Cooperative Extension garden publications. The optimum treatment time is a month away. There are no good biological controls for this pest as it eats anything!! If you need help locating the document let me know!!
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