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2 Weeks To Go....

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The closest we know, it is about 2 weeks till Spots is due. She has been lying around alot lately but also she has gotten more playful with our other cats! They are runnig around chasing each other (playfully) between her naps. She has also accepted the fact that she cannot go outside now, she doesn't even run for the door when it is open. I am the only one who can open the outside door, unless she is closed in the bedroom. But she doesn't seem to care. It has been VERY hot outside so I am sure that she wants nothing to do with the heat right now!

I believe she is a bit uncomfortable, as she is a small cat. She is not HUGE but she is big. She does not like her tummy touched. I have been gently putting my hand on her to see if I can feel anything but she hates it and tries to get away....

Good luck and congrats to all of you who have had your kittens!!!
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The waiting really can feel like torture, can't it? Pretty soon, you will be up to your ears in kittens, so treasure these last remaining quiet moments. You'll wonder why you ever wished them away in a few weeks. *wink*
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it gets worse... Kitty is due any time now and the minutes seem to be lasting forever. i'm getting all paranoid that everytime she goes upstairs she is going to have them or everytime she makes a noise she is in labor... that is torture.
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