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Business idea

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Starting a business and getting enough business is hard work!!
A few ideas have come to me in the past couple of months-the one I'm thinking of doing (for next yr) is planting up my remaining terra cotta pots, buying some more later this summer as many places have them for sale now but I want a better price. I would fill with a variety of annuals and then "rent" them out to people to have say for instance if they are selling their house and wants some curb appeal for for people to have for graduation parties or other summer events.
I have some containers at a house now as they have it for sale and I have a job for an open house in Sept where the business would like some containers.
The thing is how would I figure out how much to change. I thinking of having a delivery charge depending on how far I would have to drive and a charge per container. These are rather large and some unusual looking pots.
What would you pay??? This is incremental business for me just to smooth out the income coming in during slower times.
I could do some hanging baskets too.
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I think that is a great idea nad people would definately do it. I don't really know how much I would pay. Maybe you could do a package deal like order so many pots and pay 50 bucks for the 1st day and 10 bucks a day after that or something like that. Or if they just want a few or don't want a package charge depending on hte pot size and plant size.
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Gail, I think that is a great idea. I don't have a clue about pricing though.

As far as marketing - have you considered making and distributing a CD of your work?
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I've taken before photos but not many after photos yet and have them in a photo album for now.
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What would you do if the plants were returned in worse shape than when you rented them out? Just curious
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That's really a great idea! Plants add so much to make a house a "home". I think it would be a great addition for homes for sale. I would definitely market it to the realtors in your area. I also know that there are companies out there (I think they are called "Staging Companies", somc friends of ours have their old place staged for showings and such since they've already moved) that will bring in furniture and such to empty homes on the market because furnished homes sell better than empty ones. Perhaps see if there are any people who offer that service in your area and see if you can work with one of them? I think they would also be able to give you a better indication of what kind of charges the market will bear.

OH, and get with wedding planners and reception halls and such. That would be a great idea for a wedding or reception, especially for people who don't want to just toss out dead floral arrangements at the end of the day (and/or who wouldn't have a place for live plants later).
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It sounds like a great idea! Have you also thought of setting up some beautifully arranged containers of annuals in the spring where people can purchase them outright? The nursery that is near me does this, and they're absolutely stunning...and pricey. Some of the larger ones are $300+. Of course it depends what your customer base is willing to spend on such a thing.
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