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Hear ye! Hear ye!

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Let's all hear from one another! I'll go first:


For those of you not in the know, follow this path to record your lovely voice: Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Sound Recorder. That's for an IBM-compatible local machine.

If you've an Apple local machine, well, I don't know how it's done. But let's do this, people, just for fun!


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LOL, Joe! You sound exactly like I would have thought you would sound. Let's just say you sound like you type.

As the designated Mac representative, I will have to research this technique on my end.
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Ok, Joe, I have it figured out for the Mac. Now, how do I get it here?
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Well, you need to store it somewhere on the inter-net where remote linking is permitted. Now, if you haven't such a location just send the file to me via electronic mail; and I'll store on my storage site. If you do have an inter-net storage site, just enter the audio file's address ("http://www.debstorage.com/blah.wav" or whatever) between URL brackets ("" and "") in a post here and stand back!

If you want to be "fancy" you can enter it as a hyper link, such as "[ url=http://www.debstorage.com/blah.wav ]Deb's voice![ /url ]" and it'll appear as "Deb's voice!" on the thread. (Remove those spaces adjacent to the brackets.) Anyway, if you haven't a storage site send it me via e-mail and I'll give it a place to live on the inter-net and send you its address. (I'm at Mister-Cat1@ATTBI.com by the way.)

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I suppose I'll email you. Now I have to think of something profound to say.
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I loved hearing your voice, Joe!!!! You sound like I thought you would! (that's a good thing, btw)

I will have to try this, when I have a little more time!! Neat idea!!!!
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I appreciate the kind remarks, everybody; but I wish others would join in and be heard, literally.

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Okay...I couldn't resist...had to go try it out...so now the recording is made...a little on the cheesy side, since I had no clue what to say....hey...maybe I should have sang a little song...
Maybe next time. This is sooooo cool...I didn't even realize I could do that...see how much I know about my computer?????

So I will have to try to e-mail it to you Joe, so you can post it for me.
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Okay...let me see if I can send it to you.
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Here's Debby!


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Thanks Joe!!!! It worked! Cool! I didn't know what to say, so as I said, it sounds a bit cheesy...but what the heck!

Come on guys, it's somebody else's turn! Your next Deb!
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Doesn't anybody else want to join in?? I would love to hear everyones voices! (and it's cheaper than long distance... :tounge2: )
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Well..... I guess I have to email my wav file to Joe. I hesitate somewhat because once in the 7th grade at a slumber party, some girl told me I have the most annoying voice she had ever heard in her life. I already realize that my general personality fits that bill....should I seal the deal all the way around?
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:LOL: I don't think you're annoying at all!!!! So bring it on!!!
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Ok, the email is about to be on its way to you. I hope that you can deal with the wav file I created on a *ahem* Mac. Keeping my vocal cords crossed.

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It won't play! What manner of media player do you use? I assume it plays back just fine for you on your local machine.

Attention everyone!

Please see if this audio-file link will play for you.

Deb25 speaks!

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Here's my attempt. It plays for me via QuickTime, but Mr. Cat was not able to access it. Cotton advised.

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It won't play for me either...I used both Joe's link, and the one you gave, Deb, and all I get after it downloads is a message saying "Unsupported document type"
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Oh well, the mystery of my voice remains in the vault. Don't fault me for not trying.
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So, how is it done on the Mac? I'm running OS 9.2.1 on a G4 and my laptop is 9.04/G3 iBook.... I never play with the toys...I need crib notes... I turn off all of the, remotely, fun extensions...

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Deb it wouldn't work for me either but then again I don't have quicktime. You tried though and that's what counts.

I was thinking of added my sound to this but Brian has the mic set up on his computer and I don't dare touch it since he uses when he's playing online games and I'll mess something up. He'd throw a fit.
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I opened up an applications file called Simple Sound. You have to have your input sound control panel set to built-in mic. Apparently, those in the PC crowd cannot access the file, so I don't exactly know what good these directions are doing. Try it, though. Maybe the Mac people can talk to one another and keep the PCers in the dark.
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Your .wav played great over here.... As a matter of fact, it played great on my husband's peecee, too.

Also, your voice came over clear as can be.... and it wasn't annoying at all but my sound sticks were turned up pretty high, now that's annoying. LOL!

So tell me, is this trophy heavy? Carrying it around since the 7th grade sounds painfull..<grin>

OK... I'm gonna go try it now....weeeeeeeee! Gotta go find a mic....it's in here somewhere!!!

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Could you do me a favor and download Deb25's file to your husband's PC and then send it to me via electronic mail? If that file works here, then I can put it on the inter-net and those of us with un-cooperative computer systems can hear it as well!

My address: Mister-Cat1@ATTBI.com

Thank ewe!


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Hey Debby - just heard your voice! Now I gotta check out Joe and Deb 25...wheeeeeeeee
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Deb 25 - couldn't get you..
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OK Mr. Cat - I just e-mailed you a very usable mp3 of Deb25...
Gosh, I feel like we could all work for NASA the way we're transfering data today. LOL!

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I Can't find my @#$! Microphone.....

But my office is looking pretty darn clean.... because of you,
Joe, I threw a lot of garbage away while searching. Thanks!

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OK Try this Everyone to hear Deb's voice click below..... weeeeeeeee!

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