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What breed cat

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what breed of cat do you think this is?
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Mixed breed - nothing specific. Looks like he/she will be a blue/white van semi-longhair when grown.

"Van' means you have color on the head, tail and maybe one or two body spots - rest of the cat is white.
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The only color is on the top of his head, he has tons of hair coming out his ears and he has a really bushy tail and long haired. Maybe this description might help, the pic does no justice. If he is a mix breed what type can you tell? I'm just curious.
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He is just a DMH or DLH, Domestic Medium or Long Hair
That is all you can say, he is just a regular old moggie otherwise.
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He sure is cute anyway.
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You may have to wait till more/less full grown to tell proper coat texture, but if its more silky and not thick (like a persian), then it could be some kind of turkish angora in the background - they have more of a silky texture to their coats.

But there really is no specific breed you can say your cat is other then a Domestic Longhair.
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His coat is more silky than thick but he is still a baby so that may have to wait, I guess the reason why i asked the question about his breed is because some people tend to think he may be purebred maincoon, And i just wanted expert opinions.
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i dont see maincoon in it. where did u get it?
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He is a rescue, rather i rescued him, he was in the process of getting eaten by a pitbull, the pit had him in his mouth and everything, i ran up and popped the pit on the nose made him drop him took him to vet and he's been with us ever since, we have tried locating his family but noone has come forward and i have already did the 7 day holding that was required so now he is officially ours. I have asked several people what they thought he was mixed with i was told that he looked maincoon ( because of all the hair coming out of his ears) And that he could possibly be a purebred. It doesn't really matter to me if he is or not but curiousity has gotten the better of me, And i haven't seen a cat that looks quite ike him before, so i wanted some expert opinions.
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He is of the absolutely adorable breed !!!
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I agree with everyone else. Hte only thing you can really call the cutie is Domestic long hair. But he is sure a handsome little man!
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I don't see maine coon at all. But he is cute.
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Thanks guys!! I think he is very handsome too, and at least he has a good home with us, he was full of fleas and he had worms but that's all taken care of now, he will be neautered next week. Thanks for everyone's reply's!
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