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cats eye scratched

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So I just noticed my cat monster mouth had some wet stuff outside of her eye. I took her into the bathroom, wet a towel and whipped it off, but then I noticed the top of her lense looked cloudy, so I took a closer look. Her eye appears to be scratched and I can't see the top part of her pupil. I can't afford to take her to the vet if it isn't life threatening and I know the eye is one body part that heals, but can someone tell me if it is likely it will heal? There is no blood that I can see.
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If it is scratched and cloudy a vet will be the only one to be able to help. The eye could get infected and if u have ever hurt your own eye u know how painfull it is. The cat is prob in pain. If it does become infected that is life threatning. If a person scratched a eye they would go to the dr. the cat needs to go to a vet.
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To be perfectly blunt...eyes are nothing to mess with in human or cat. Once you see something more than an eye boogie, I'm off to the vets immediately. Why? Because I've had cats with scratched corneas, corneal ulcers, uveitis, a ruptured cornea...all 4 required medication, professional assessment and determined care.

The fact you say it is cloudy is of more concern to me than if you'd just said you saw a scratch - the scratch would still need to be seen to determine how deep it penetrates. Not sure what you mean by saying you can't see the top part of the pupil...the only time the interior of one of my cat's eyes looked rearranged was when Patrick ruptured his cornea.

Please...ask your vet for a payment schedule...hopefully, it is only a corneal laceration, not an ulcer, and you can get this healed.

You really can not expect this to heal on it's own.

I am sorry this has happened Please, to the vets asap, and keep us posted.
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