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baby pics ;)

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there a bit big, so i thought photobucket was easier
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Oh....they are sooo cute. Congrats!!!!!
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oooooooooooo they are so cute. i kepy checking and checking last night before i went to bed to see if she indeed was in full labor. CONGRATS to you and her both, they are sooooo cute.
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Oh! How cute! cute cute cute! What a good mamma!~
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Awwwww they are so cute.

You have a pretty Tortie and white and one Red/white; the other would be considered a Red VAN/white (like mom).

I'm partial to the red boys - I'll take the van one
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw they are too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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they are so precious!!!! give Icis chin scritches for me.
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awww they are gorgeoussssssssss xx congrats
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What darlings......of course, now you know we need weekly updates!
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Of Course!!! what kinda momma would i be if i didnt, especially with pics,lol
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Oh how sweeeeet! And for those of us to whom Nutri-Cal is a pantry staple, the size reference of the tube was very helpful!!
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There adorable!

Just wondering : what is the mom eating?? Red kidney beans?

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oh, they are beautiful!!! It will be fun to see them in a couple of weeks!
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They are adorable! I havn'y posted here in a while because I have been having fun with my almost 4 month old I'm typing one handed because my kitten is slepping on my arm
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