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Worst Vacations

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DH and I have been thinking about planning a small vacation and that got me thinking about the worst I've ever been on. I'll start with a few of mine, but would like to hear about your as well.

Horrible Vacation #1:
This really wasn't a vacation, it was a trip to a conference in college. We drove from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville to the University of Georgia, Athens. We were in a Club Wagon and I had a broken rib. It was a miserable ride. In addition, one of our delegation was blind and had a seeing-eye dog. That much time with a big dog (she was a black lab) in an enclosed space makes for a fun time . I also somehow got middle of the night dog-walking/poop-scooping duties. I'm not really a dog person, but I was willing to help because the dog was doing such a good thing. Luckily, she was off-harness most of the time, and we could interact with her.

Horrible Vacation #2:
Spring Break, junior year of college. My mother decided we needed a "girls vacation" after the divorce. So she, my sister and I went to Cozumel. We stayed in an all-inclusive resort. I spent the first day laying out and drinking daquiris. I have no idea how many I drank, but in combination with the sun, by that evening I couldn't walk two steps without actually passing out. I had to lay in a lounge chair and eat chips for dinner. The next morning, I woke up so sunburnt that I couldn't stand because of the pain. I spent the day in bed, and the next day forced myself on a bus to visit Chichen Itza (500km bus ride in very scratchy seats.) By the time I left Mexico, I had such severe sun poisoning that my eyes were swollen almost shut.

Horrible Vacation #3:
I went to visit my boyfriend in Seattle (he had moved a few months earlier, and has visited once earlier in the summer.) After travelling across the country for him, my boyfriend decides to dump me. I was, of course, staying with him and his roomate, Sarah. I was supposed to stay for ten days and this way day 2. I'd got my ticket from Priceline, so no changes. My parents ended up spending $1200 for a return ticket the next day (the original round trip had been $150). We decided later, that a hotel and 8 days of sightseeing in Seattle would have been much cheaper! Anyway, it gets worse. His roomate and I sat up all night talking and drinking wine. She was very angry at my ex, what kind of man would break up with you after you travelled 2000 miles to see him?
The next morning, I boarded my flight (the jerk didn't even walk me to my gate, just dropped me off a the curb) and immediately started regretting the copious amount of wine I'd had the night before. After take off, I was so nauseated, that I had to have the flight attendant bang on a bathroom door to get someone out, so I could vomit in airplane sink. Then the lightheadedness started, I had to sit on the floor of the plane with my head between my knees. At that point, the flight attendant had a conversation with the pilot about an emergency landing for me. I adamantly refused (how embarassing would that have been?) I soldiered on, and by the time I got to my third connection in Memphis, I was feeling much better.

Sorry it was so long, but the memories just came rushing back. I can't wait to hear others!
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Oh no!! Vacation #2 sounded horrible!!

The last official vacation I went on was to Jamaica in 1996 (time for another one eh?) and I fractured 3 vertabrae, it was took months to recover
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I think the only bad vacation I ever went on was to New York.. that place drove us insane! I went with my mom, my aunt, and my grandparents when I was about 9-ish. It was wayyyy too crowded, we kept getting lost, there were homeless people everywhere, sleeping under trees, and a lot of the people were so annoying. This one time, we went into a mall to look for a bathroom, and we asked a guy, who was a foreigner, and he told us to go down the stairs, blah blah blah.. so we did. We ended up in a boiler room. We were so mad. There was even a restroom sign, and no restroom. We went back upstairs, and a guy (who actually spoke english) asked if we needed help with something, and we told him we were looking for the restrooms, and he gave us this look and pointed in the opposite direction of where the other guy told us. We seriously thought we were on "Candid Camera". I was so glad when it was time to go home, but mom made me ride home in the van with my grandparents while she and my aunt flew home.. that was the longest car ride ever.. from New York to Kansas. I almost went insane.
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I remember another one. I'm trying to remember if I've ever had a good vacation.

When I was 13, my parents decided to take us to Spain. We were living in Germany and they offer fairly cheap packages to military members. It was an 18 hour bus ride. By the time we got to a rest stop southern France, my feet were so swollen, I couldn't even get my Birks on at the biggest setting. I had to go and the bus bathrooms were out of order. Unfortunately this was a hole in the ground-style rest stop and I couldn't bear to put my bare feet on the yuckiness that surrounds the hole. So my dad held me over the hole and let me do my business. Remember I was 13!!!
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When I was in middle school My mom, my sister and me went to Paris, France. It was booked through the local Youth Center in Heidelberg Germany. That was the worst trip ever. When we finally got there after a long miserable crowded and very late bus ride, the hotel was crappy. We ate this dinner at 10 PM that was "French cuisine" Steak, french fires, and french cut green beans. But I wasn't old enough to have the full meal. hte kids just got appetizers and dessert. Appetizers wre things like Pate and stuff I would NEVER eat. Dessert was chocolate mousse (yum). So I starved until breakfast becasue I had to share diner with my mom. Then we went to Euro Disney in the freezing cold RAIN and after that went on a open boat ride down the river at midnight in the freezing cold.

Thankfully my next trip to Paris was MUCH better!
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Originally Posted by AnnasMom
I Unfortunately this was a hole in the ground-style rest stop and I couldn't bear to put my bare feet on the yuckiness that surrounds the hole.
Aren't those so disgusting! How do they aim to make it in those holes! I used the handicap ones!!
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4 words: Cancun, diarrhea, projectile vomiting.

'Nuff said.

The upside is that I lost 10lbs...that's what happens when you don't eat or drink anything for 4 days straight!
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Ok, when I was about 12 or so, my Mom, my sister and I went on a "girl's" vacation. We just went to Pennsylvania, but oh the misadventures! Let's see, first we went to Hershey, PA to the candy place and the amusement park. I got stung by a bee that morning, and am mildly allergic so I had a bit of swelling & pain, and my sister got whiplash on one of the rides at the amusement parks, and to top it all off, we lost our hotel! I mean we could see it, but we couldn't figure out how to get to it! we must have drove up and down that freeway for 2 hours trying to figure out what exit to get off at not fun, with my sister and I's injuries then we went to Lancaster, to see the Amish community, and there was a Harley rally in town! not really a problem since my father rode a Harley, but there were no available hotel rooms, except for this place that looked like it was straight out of the 70's, i'm talking shag carpeting, those lights with the glass pebbly things on the outside and loud obnoxious bedspreads Then we went to Gettysburg and I was the designated map reader (keep in mind I'm 12) cause my mom couldn't find her way out of a paper bag so we're driving along this long country road and my mom asks where we are, so I point on the map where we are, as in (using index finger) right here! my mom didn't like that answer for some reason that was the first and last vacation we went on without my Dad
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Oh no!! Vacation #2 sounded horrible!!

The last official vacation I went on was to Jamaica in 1996 (time for another one eh?) and I fractured 3 vertabrae, it was took months to recover
Oh I'm so sorry! You should try to go on another vacation though, that was a long time ago!
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Funny stories! I hope everyone's able to laugh at them now...

I had a similar break-up/vacation experience, Annasmom. I flew from NC to Arizona to visit my boyfriend a couple months after he had moved there. After arriving several hours late due to weather, I finally got off the plane and was greeted with a brief hug, very romantic. The next day we went sightseeing around Flagstaff and drove to Sedona. As we were hiking, I said to him, I don't think this is going to work out and he agreed. It was really quite amicable. Instead of flying back though, I booked a Greyhound to Las Vegas and spent 4 days there gambling, drinking, and ignoring the fact that it was Valentine's day. When I got back to Flagstaff, he picked me up and drove me to the Phoenix airport. Right before dropping me off, he asked if he could borrow $600.

That's really the only bad overall vacation I've had. And Vegas was fun, even alone. I've had other bad singular experiences during otherwise good vacations, like the time our family chartered a fishing boat, didn't catch a thing, the boats motor died six miles offshore and we had to sit out there for a couple of hours waiting for the guys wife to motor out to us to tow us back in, all the while the waves are getting higher and there's this rotting carcass of a sea turtle as big as a twin-sized mattress that keeps floating by...good times.
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I don't know if this is just a bad vacation or what.

I think I was about 13 and since my dad and brothers always go to scout summer camp, my mom decided we needed to go somewhere so we packed up some clothes and left. Now my mom was a nurse at a hospital on the cancer ward. So she decided to visit every parent who's child she had taken care of at the hospital. I had to sit there with nothing to do and listen to these people talk about their children and visit their grave sites. Then I started my monthly while riding in someones car and it leaked all over my clothes and onto the leather seats. Now that was just embarassing especially since we stopped at a store and we all had to go into and I did not know at the time it was all over my clothes.

I also get car sick (still do unless I am driving) and we have to drive on back roads that curve alot so I slept most of the way. I was so hungry because we never took food with us and my mom only usually stopped to go to the bathroom because she said people would feed us when we get there. Most of the food people made was so gross and I did not want to eat it. Plus I had to share a bed at these peoples home with my mother.

I think the worst part was that we were 10 minutes from home (which I could not wait to get home and out of the car that we had been traveling in for the past week) and my mom decides to pull into a park and take a two hour nap. I was awake the whole times looking around and roasting because my mom was afraid to open the windows and get some air.

Never went on another one of those vacations again.
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We went to the Mrytle Beach Spring Bike Rally about 10 yrars ago, and it was a nightmare. We went with a local motorcycle club that let one of their idiot wives book the rooms. We ended up in a fairly decent hotel, but it was miles away from everything we wanted to see, and full of old people that kept complaining and this one old man wanting to get loud with the biggest guys in the bunch, saying that one of them said something to his wife, which was a lie. He kept leering at all of us every time we went to the pool or hot tub. The girl that booked the rooms not only brought her inlaws, but her bratty kids, too. One of them was a months old infant that screamed constantly, and the other was her granddaughter that she was raising. She is biracial, and the woman is very ashamed of her, fearing that someone will think the child is hers. A few of us tried to go out walking without her, but she found us, and kept trying to pawn the kids off on anybody. We got in to a huge arguement because I would not push the stroller for her.
We finally tried to go for a ride, and there were so many people that had just bought their biker kits in time for Myrtle Beach, and had no idea how to ride in a pack, or even with another bike anywhere on the road with them. We get back to the room, and the guys were going somewhere, leaving me stuck with the the women, including this woman with the kids, who had finally pawned the brats off on her inlaws. She got all dressed up in her thigh high boots, stupid little leather hat, shorts up her butt, and wanted to walk with us, so everyon in town could see her. There were no bars that we could find to go in to get out of the heat, except the Holiday Inn in S. Myrtle Beach, which is surrounded by the SWAT team because several chapters of the Hell's Angels stay there every year. No way was I going in there with her trying to show off like she does. While we are walking, several of the girls are drinking from a gallon jug of frozen Margaritas, and one of them staggers right in to the biggest, meanest looking human being I have ever seen, smacking her head into his belt buckle. He opened his mouth to say something, I smiled at him, said excuse us, grabbed her by her shirt and kept on walking. We saw a bus going by, but it would not stop for us. Miss Show Off decides it is my fault that the bus would not stop, starts screaming at me, takes a swing at me, and we end up in a fist fight right in the middle of the Boulevard. Apparently we had traffic backed up for several blocks, and a couple of guys dragged us out of the street, tossed us in to an empty lot, and got traffic moving again. I finally got her down with my knees on her shoulders, and got hold of her hands, tried to calm her down and 2 more guys broke it up before the cops got there. If we had been anywhere else, I would have been so embarrassed! Turns out people were standing on the sidewalk taking bets! I was still fairly sober, and managed to lose the rest of them and get back to the hotel on my own. I never went anywhere with most of them again.
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My mom and I went to Virginia Beach about 2 years ago. The vacation was still fun, we had to make it fun....The first night, I was turning into the hotel and there was one lane and a trolley lane. The trolley's do not run after a certain time. A cop came flying through the trolley lane w/o his lights flashing and t-boned us.........Night two we were staying on the beach and storms started rolling in, I had a fifth of baccardi and my mom had a fifth of SOCO. We got tore up.........A tornado hit right in front of our room.........The next day we got up and where the cop hit us the rear window wouldn't raise, my back seat was flooded. The next day went okay, then on our last night it started coming a blizzard where we lived. Talk about a fun 6 hour drive home
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Thread is halarious! Isn't it funny how when one thing goes wrong, everything starts to go wrong?
The last official vacation I went on was to Jamaica in 1996 (time for another one eh?) and I fractured 3 vertabrae, it was took months to recover
Time to go on vacation already! I thought I was sad at 5 years! I guess you've got your honeymoon to look forward to. OMG, I just hope it doesn't end up in this thread!
krazykat2- I think you win with that story. I was laughing out loud at some of the images that brought to mind!
My worst was the time I went tramping (hiking in NZ) with a school friend and her boyfriend. It took us 3 tries to find the right track - we ended up starting at 6 pm, had to camp in the middle of the path. Got up next morning and it had been raining hard and the rivers were flooded and we just ploughed on through up to our chests in water. At the cabin my friend broke up with her bf. So they're in a great mood, and I'm already the third wheel. when we got back into town it was New Year's Eve so we go out partying with some other friends. Well, that turned into a wild, drunken night - my friend's ex got asaluted, we got chased around town by gang members, his car was smashed up and we ended up in some stranger's house calling the police all night and not getting any response. Had to go to court about it 3 months later. Fun times!
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