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I have BABIES!!!!!

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i now have 2 ginger and white babies. she started really pushing about 3:30, and by 6am i have 2 babies. she hasent expelled any plecentas yet, and she still feels like there is another baby in there? can she stall labor of the third baby? pics to follow.....

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wow congratulations what wonderful news

yes she can stall labour of another baby... not sure how long for though, sorry.
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yep, she has stalled. i can feel at least one more baby in there, but shes not contracting. also, she didnt expell any plecentas either. anything i should do?
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Are you SURE about the placentas? Were you there both times when she was having them and watched to see? Sometimes one placenta might not come right away, but the next kitten born would expel it.

I had one kitten's sac break ahead of time and it was a dry birth - only time mom bite me out of pain. That kitten's placenta was expelled about 2 kittens later. Sometimes they might eat it quickly and you miss seeing it.

I'd call your vet and see what they say. A retained placenta means trouble and possible poisoning of the mom.
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i am sure, i was there from the first kits birth, and i never saw anything come out. when the second kit was coming out, there seemed to be a plecenta coming with it, but then it went back in and the kitten came out. i did leave the room after they were nursing for a minute, cause i needed a drink,maybe then she expelled them and ate them, but i have no way to know for sure.

i still feel one more in there, but labor is way stalled, anything i can do?
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Congrats. I would call your vets office. if she isn't contracting or pushing it should be ok since sometimes there will be a pause between delivering each horn since a cats uterus has 2 horns. But not delivering the placenta is not good. so were they born out the sacs or did she chew off the cord while the placenta was still inside her? most times they push out both then chew the cord and eat the placenta.............. very odd for 2 to come out with out either placenta.
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she chewed off the cord with everything still inside, i THINK, i did leave the room for a moment,lol. And we do have a long awaited FEMALE, to add to the 2 males. she just wanted to make a entrance, since she is CALICO!!
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW can't wait to see pictures!
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pics as soon as i wake up enough, lol. prob this afternoon, there soo adorable!!!!!

One is a runt, really tiny, but spunky. the other two seem like they were overdue, cause they both were born with #2 hanging out of them,lol
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If the placentas havent been delivered u need to contack vet asap. Also sometimes if they have gone #2 before birth it could be that they are under stress. A vet visit is prob neccessary she could get really sick if the placenta is still in there.
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Congrats on your new babies !!!! A phone call to your vet to ease your worries about the placentas might be in order. They can answer your questions better than we can.
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I my experience that last kitten is sometimes the longest one born between births as there is NO other kittens to help push them out and its the furtherest one from the birth canal and takes longer to make the trip.
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I'm concerned about no placentas and the kittens born while pooping. I know for humans if they poop before birth, they can breathe some of it into their lungs, as it mixes with the water. Definitely call the vet, or take them all in for a quick check. Those issues could easily be corrected if caught early!

Congrats on the babies!
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well, two placentas have come out since the latest arrival, so i am thinking the others arnt far off as one more is starting to come out now.
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That's great news!!
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total so far, 3 male vans...1 female calico . she seems done now, he belly is way smally and squishy. now if i can just get her to give me that last placenta, we should be fine,lol
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Congratulations Icis WTG New Mommy
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I'm so glad Icis finally had her babies Can't wait for pictures!
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