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wants to drink from sink.

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hmm, ok i will ask this here.
for the last couple of weeks i get the idea that one of are cats is not drinking when i am gone. One of the first things she does is when i get home from work in the morning and when i first get up is run to bathroom sink and MEOW!!!!! until i turn the water on for her to get a drink. lol i dont care if she drinks form the bathroom sink. But there are days when i at work for 14 hours.

SO i am being dumb here and thinking of getting this

My question is has anyone used this before? and if so how well did it work?
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I'd say thats a good idea. I have never used one, but my cats love drinking form the sink so I'm sure your cat would love it. Give it a try. Its not too expensive.
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Like my cats, yours probably wants fresh cold water. It's important for your cat to drink enough otherwise they will become dehydrated and their kidneys will fail. If that fountain will help your kitty to drink more, then it's a good thing.
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I know someone who used to leave the faucet dripping so that their cat could drink all day. Also, my sister's cats would only drink from the toilets (never a bowl) so I guess the sink doesn't sounds so bad!
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I have two Drinkwell Fountains and my cats love them to death and drink out of them often.

But they still want me to turn the sink faucet on. It's sort of a kitty version of an unseen magical force. They just cannot resist the powers of the faucet.
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My mother-in-law's cat lived in a household with a bottled water thing like they have in offices (you know the kind that you put the big heavy blue bottle on upside-down? I forget what it's called). Anyway, he would push the lever down with his paw and let the water pour into the little dish that sits underneath it and then drink from that.
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I'd say go for it, as she likes to drink running water. It'll be cheaper than letting a faucet drip in the long run, and the filter keeps the water tasting fresh. I've read a lot of positive reports here about the Drinkwell (we have a Petmate, and the fountains do encourage cats to drink more, IME).
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We have one and my cat LOVES it! She's started drinking more water since we've gotten it. I say go for it!!

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my Bear (RIP) got into the strangest habit of only drinking the dripping tub water. i managed to divert his habit. first week or so, i had a dish under the dripping faucet for him to drink out of. once he got used to drinking out of the dish, i moved it about a foot away from the faucet. after about a week or two, i moved the dish just outside of the tub. a week or so later i moved it out of the bathroom...seeing a pattern? it worked. took about 6 weeks but it worked
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lol thanks for the answers
i picked on up, and she seems to like it.
hehe accept she seems to be sticking her whole face in it ahaah funny
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One of my cats is the very same and I bought a Petmate fountain but she still insists on drinking from the tap ... I'm going to pickup one of these for her because I think it may be the difference in the spout effect rather then the waterfall effect. Awesome!
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Well I'm glad its working out good.
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My cats love them I actually have to get another because mine doesn't seem to work anymore (got it off ebay). Before I had it though I had a foster cat Crabby who only drank from the faucet. So while I was gone I would place a bowl under the faucet and let it drip. That way there was fresh running faucet water for Crabby and a big bowl under it for my other cats.
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